SIN CITY: Red leather jacket and black textures

Hello from Vegas!  Quick entry as I am using dear boyfriend's data to type this and he doesn't have unlimited data.  We landed yesterday and one of the first things we did after checking in is head to Wicked Spoon.  There was a little wait (and higher holiday pricing) but it lived up the hype, I loved it.


FLOWER BOMB / Bomber jacket and pastel florals

bomber jacket crochet skirt outfit idea trends
Bomber jackets always remind me of dad.  Dad wasn't a pilot but for as long as I can remember, he loved wearing flight jackets.  He had them in all the earth tones imaginable and wore one practically 24/7.  Because of that association, I always have a place in my heart for bomber jackets.  We still have his most recent one (a lush forest green lined with plaid) hanging in the coat closet.


CASUAL HOLIDAYS / Red sweater, olive denim and happy holidays!

red sweater and olive pants outfit trend winter
A quick entry before I head out to finish some last minute Christmas shopping (I had a feeling I would be taking my own advice when I said "good luck to those shopping this weekend!" a few posts back).  Sharing some holiday spirit while playing with complementary colors - bright red and shades of green without looking like Santa's little helper, I hope.
red and cream outfit idea
knitted scarf and sweater
chloe suede pumps
sock bun hairstyle
Gerard Darel sweater / J Brand jeans (40% off here) / Marc by MJ scarf / Chloe pumps / Gucci tote

Happy Christmas Eve!!  Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it and happy holidays if you don't.  I hope everyone has a very festive holiday season with your loved ones, family, and friends.  Take care!!


FALL STRIPES: How to appropriate a spring dress for Fall

Stripes, especially white and navy, are another one of those quintessential patterns dating back to way back then.  For spring and summer, navy and white stripes are the basis for a nautical inspired outfit and I like to pair the pattern with bright red or yellow.  However the pattern is tricky to use in the fall and even more so when it's on a dress that just screams sunny weather and relaxing by the waters (doesn't help that it's called "The South Hampton" dress).
To overcome this challenge, I paired the dress with darker accessories and a trench.  The necklace with hues of brown tortoise beads and aged gold hardware compliments the classic aspect of the dress.  And the pumps with its brown-black color blocking works alongside the necklace to pull the look together.
This trench is more of a light jacket than a winter coat but it serves its purpose in keeping me warm.  I love the pairing of navy and khaki (this past look is one of my favorite outfits w/ this color combo) so it was only natural I reached for a jacket in khaki.  The leather sleeves and accent gives the classic trench a modern and edgy update but my only qualm is that the belt is permanently affixed to the jacket.  Since I didn’t want to tie the trench in the front and didn’t want the belt dangling around, I simply tied the belt into a bow in the back.  Problem solved.
BCBGeneration trench / RACHEL Rachel Roy dress / Manolo Blahnik pumps / 
Talbots necklace / Salvatore Ferragamo 'Ginny' clutch (used more formally here)

It is the Friday before the holidays and I can't wait to get the (long) weekend started!  I am looking forward to having dinner with family tonight and tomorrow Shane and I along with some friends will be participating in one of those live puzzle events.  Have a good weekend and happy holidays!!!


BRUISED: Purples, navy, and printed pants

The title makes the post sound more dramatic than it really is.  I am not bruised, emotionally or physically, but I am pretty sure that I will get a few by this weekend because clumsy ol' me will run into something or other.  The color scheme for this outfit actually reminds me of a bruise in its second stage - varying shades of purple and blues - hence the title.  A bit strange to say that I was inspired by the colors of a bruise but it translates into a nice combo for an outfit.
These pants garnered a lot of mixed attention.  My mom said they look like PJ bottoms, my cousin expressed the same opinion but added that it was like "those 90s PJs we wore back then", and my colleague was trying to read it because he "thought the print was the name of the brand".  I liked the pants because I thought the print was cool, reminds me of dripping paint!
See by Chloe sweater (on super sale here) / Free People shirt / Marc by MJ pants (additional 20%off through 12/19) / 
Talbots oxfords / Proenza Schouler PS1 / Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here), Tiffany&co ring, Express earrings

It has been such a festive week at work since it's right before the holidays, lots of food, mingling, and having a merry time.  I hope you all are having a great week as well.  If you're a procrastinator like I am, good luck gearing up for the last shopping weekend before Christmas!  Take care!


RED HOT CHOCOLATE: Red leather and uniform brown

I wanted to take a moment in remembrance of the innocent lives that were lost on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut and those injured in Henan, China on the same day.  My heart is breaking for the parents, the sisters, the brothers, the family and friends of those we lost yesterday and there will never be any words that will bring back the fallen.  I can only hope that the love and support, the condolences, the prayers, and the heartaches that is being shared will offer some warmth, some shield of love, from the tragic pain that is undoubtedly being felt this holiday season.

To the heroes of that day who protected the innocent children, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is inspiring to read about the teachers who hid the children in cabinets and closets while sacrificing their own lives to ensure the children's safety.  These teachers exemplify the compassion, selflessness, and dedication for said job and I have so much respect for them because of that.  Thank you.

Rest in peace dear angels of Sandy Hook Elementary School, you will forever be remembered.


THE BLUES: Denim skirt and Daisy-Chaining

An interesting fact to start the entry, did you know the sun is closest to the northern hemisphere when it's winter for us?  Common sense would have us thinking, "wait, then why are temperatures so low if the sun, which is so hot, is close to us?", but this is one of those times where we shouldn't trust our intuitions.  Weather is actually determined by the tilt of earth's axis and the sun's distance to earth has minimal effect on temperature.  Who would've guessed!
That random trivia was brought on by the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.  Mid-to-high-sixties in the city with lots of sunshine during the day though we faced a drastic drop in temperature as we rolled into the evening.  With that said... I sound like a weather girl.  Moving on.


SHAPE MASH-UP: Geometric top, paneled skirt, and patterned tights

It is like kindergarten all over again - we're playing with shapes!  I wanted to create a fun outfit so using this cheery geometric top as my statement piece, I played up the shapes and lines and repeated it in other aspect of my outfit.  To draw out the pattern of this top, I made sure the rest of the pieces of the outfit was the color of the contrasting color (black) on the top.


CARPENTER: Juxtaposition of worker pants and soft sweater

In terms of men's fashion, carpenter jeans were all the rage in the late 1990s!  Who remembers seeing the guys sport the baggy jeans with all the pockets and the red/white/navy patch on the hammer strap at school?  The younger generation thought the jeans were so cool and the older generation was wondering why there were so many pockets.  I remember my dad jokingly asking my cousins what all the pockets were for when they weren't carrying anything to class =P


COLLAR PLAY / Teddy bear collar and breaking fashion rules

fall layering with bandage skirt and tights
I’ve noticed a big trend this year is critters on sweaters – smack dab in the center, laying off to the bottom sides, or peeking out from the corner (such as the French Connection sweater in this post). As a huge animal lover, I am a fan of this darling touch on sweaters. My favorite one from this season is between this Burberry one with the dog off to the side (because I love dogs!!) or this Aqua one with the bunny in the center wearing glasses.


WILD HOLIDAYS / Leopard coat and holiday parties

leopard coat holiday outfit idea
I can't believe it's the 1st of December already!  With the start of December comes the season of holiday parties.  Dressing for work holiday parties are always tough (unless of course there's a theme, which is usually sweater related) - you want to be dressed appropriately but still stand out in your own special way.  I think I've found that special way to be different. 


COMFY LAYERING / Chambray and shades of browns

fall outfit layering cardigan over chambray look outfit idea
Does anyone watch 666 Park Avenue?  I was hooked once I saw the pilot and have seen every episode since then so I am disappointed that ABC cancelled the series.  A beautiful cast, a compelling storyline, and great fashion, I can't believe there's not enough viewers for it.  Thankfully ABC is airing the full 13-episodes so there's 5 episodes left to enjoy.  The reason I ask is because this outfit was inspired by an outfit Jane (played by the gorgeous Rachael Taylor) wore in one of the more recent episodes.  I can't recall the whole outfit but it was the combo of chambray and tan that caught my attention and it was a combo I wanted to recreate.


FIFTY SHADES / Of grey! Faux fur vest and grey dress

My face is turning red as I reveal this but I have to share a guilty pleasure I had a few months ago.  As the post title alluded to, I read the Fifty Shades series.  All three books... in less than 4 days... during the work week.  Yup, bright crimson now.  It was good mindless reading to distract me from experimental reports and journal articles and thankfully I didn't incorporate anything from the books into my presentations.
dress layering for fall and winter outfit idea
I just had to bring that up because I was thinking of a post title and what better title than one from best-seller lists =D  Although there's probably only, at most, five shades of grey in my outfit.


CLASSIC / Because you can never go wrong with Classics

The only thing that goes by faster than a 3-day work week is a 4-day weekend.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a safe (but fruitful) Black Friday, and you're having a good weekend!  I saw a lot of bacon-wrapped turduckens this year and if I am so lucky to host Thanksgiving one year, that will probably be one of the first things I attempt.
classic black and white outfit combo idea
Not much to say about this fool-proof outfit since you can never go wrong with a classic black and white (er in this case, off-white) combo.  A nice blouse, some sleek trousers [updated with leather tuxedo stripe and trimmings], and classic accessories.  Sometimes that's all it takes.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING / Contrast leather-sleeve jacket and mixing textures

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Today is a mix of textures in my fool-proof color combo for Fall - olive green, brown, and black.
olive and brown combo fall outfit idea louis vuitton speedy
When mixing textures I like to stick to a monochromatic color scheme which allows the focus to be on the textures of the garments. For this outfit, my canvas was the jacket and the main color of the jacket is what I will work with to create a monochromatic look.


POLKA CAT / Polka Dots with a peeking smiling cat face and silver accents

French Connection polka dot sweater layering purple colored denim Louis Vuitton miroir lockit designer flats
I've been in the market for the perfect polka dot sweater for Fall since these little round circles make their big comeback last spring/summer and finally found the one!  During my search, this Alice + Olivia white w/ black dots jumper caught my eye but the price was off-putting so I kept looking.  Of course the one day I wasn't looking was the one day I spotted this adorable number.  In actuality it wasn't the polka dots that grabbed my attention but instead it was the smiling cat peering out from the corner.  Utilizing a dot as its face, the kitty adds a whimsical touch to the sweater and makes this polka dot pattern unique from the rest.


NEON BRIGHTS / Citron, Fuchsia, and Suede Leggings

A conversation with my cousin before I headed out for the day sparked this outfit.  We were discussing the weather here (he is from Canada) and I was telling him how it is quite gloomy since it rained all night and it's suppose to rain all weekend.  With that tidbit in mind, he suggested that I should wear something bright and his idea was the the pull that made the lightbulb in my head turn on!
Rachel rachel roy bright citron sweater talbots fuchsia suede flats alice and olivia suede leggings chanel flap
I got this sweater a few weeks back and knew that this was the something bright I would wear with the suede leggings but I was stumped on what shoes I would wear.  Should I wear plain leather heels?  How would that look against the suede?  What about black flats?  After more thinking I decided I didn't want to wear black shoes and wanted to play up the sweater a bit.


SPOTTED & LINED / Cheetah print dress and Mom's vintage striped Fendi

Mom's beautiful vintage Fendi has been my workhorse clutch whenever I want to mix prints between my clothing and bag. I loved the stripes on stripes look when I used it against a striped dress (in this entry) but today I wanted to experiment with stripes against cheetah print.  When I pictured the mixture of prints in my head, I was unsure of how it would translate into an outfit but I am quite pleased with the combination.
Trina Turk mariposa cheetah dress fall dresses
Keeping the prints in the same color family provided a smooth transition between them which allowed both to shine together. And the stark contrast between the uniform stripes of the clutch and the sporadic spots of the dress distinguished them from one another so that they didn't clash.


INTO FALL / Color play with red leather jacket and Chanel Taupe

alice and olivia dress joie red leather jacket chanel taupe flap
The warm weather has bid adieu and I've retied a string to my finger to remember to grab a jacket when leaving the house. It's been those days where the sun is shining bright during the afternoon and you'll be okay with bare arms and feet but once the sun starts to set, temperatures take a nosedive and a jacket is a necessity.


RAINFOREST / Python, Croc-etched, and Rainforests

The print on this dress reminds me of a lush rainforest.  The leaves made up of varying shades of green represents the different layers in a rainforest, a patch of olive moss towards the bottom of the dress acts as the shrub layer, and colored flowers dispersed around are the exotic surprises one would find while exploring.
Tracy Reese dress rainforest croc-etched jewelry gucci running tote fall dresses
I didn't realize until later that the accessories I chose to wear with the dress are basically a couple of the inhabitants in the jungle. The croc-etched necklace and bracelet lay against the print soaking up the sun and the python bag takes centerstage in the scene.


DOVE BLOOM / Pink dress with black bird contrast

Good morning! As I am getting ready for bed and the start of a new work week, I wanted to reflect on the great weekend I had with friends and my darling boyfriend.
diane von furstenberg dvf dove bloom print dress capreena mini dress