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The only thing that goes by faster than a 3-day work week is a 4-day weekend.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a safe (but fruitful) Black Friday, and you're having a good weekend!  I saw a lot of bacon-wrapped turduckens this year and if I am so lucky to host Thanksgiving one year, that will probably be one of the first things I attempt.
classic black and white outfit combo idea
Not much to say about this fool-proof outfit since you can never go wrong with a classic black and white (er in this case, off-white) combo.  A nice blouse, some sleek trousers [updated with leather tuxedo stripe and trimmings], and classic accessories.  Sometimes that's all it takes.
pleated silk white blouse top
One of the few items I invest in are classic handbags or shoes because they truly last a lifetime and if you take good care of the items, they can be passed onto darling daughters or loving family members.  Some people may not feel that material items are an investment but I think of the CPU (cost-per-use) as well as the life of the item.  For something that I will use my whole life and plan on passing on, handbags and shoes are definitely an investment.
leather trim trouser pants work outfit idea
For example, the Chanel classic flap is an item that I would definitely consider an investment.  This one I used today is almost as old as I am, maybe even older.  It has the older hologram stickers that Chanel used and the hologram starts with a 1 which means it was probably made in the 80s.  Not only has prices of the classic flap quadrupled but the material back then is far superior to what is used today.  I'm not going to sell this due to the sentimental value it has but if I were to sell her today, I would get at least 4x what the retail price was back then, insane!
professional interview attire outfit idea what to wear
Joie 'Mellea' blouse (on sale here) /  Paige Denim 'Lucia' Pants / 
Christian Louboutin pumps / Chanel Lambskin Medium Classic Flap

I think I could go on and on about purses but enough handbag talk.  I still have one more day of my Thanksgiving weekend to enjoy.  My sister is going back to school tomorrow morning so mom and I are going to run some errands before we enjoy the day.  Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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