NEON BRIGHTS / Citron, Fuchsia, and Suede Leggings

A conversation with my cousin before I headed out for the day sparked this outfit.  We were discussing the weather here (he is from Canada) and I was telling him how it is quite gloomy since it rained all night and it's suppose to rain all weekend.  With that tidbit in mind, he suggested that I should wear something bright and his idea was the the pull that made the lightbulb in my head turn on!
Rachel rachel roy bright citron sweater talbots fuchsia suede flats alice and olivia suede leggings chanel flap
I got this sweater a few weeks back and knew that this was the something bright I would wear with the suede leggings but I was stumped on what shoes I would wear.  Should I wear plain leather heels?  How would that look against the suede?  What about black flats?  After more thinking I decided I didn't want to wear black shoes and wanted to play up the sweater a bit.
talbots gold bar necklace rachel roy sweater 
Earlier in the chat with my cousin, I jokingly told him that I would reincarnate a gym outfit I wore that we both recall way too vividly - pink shorts with a neon green top.  At first it was a joke but then I realized, hey, I have pink shoes, lets see how that looks against the sweater.  Bingo!  Pink and green are complementary colors and will provide an aesthetically pleasing outfit (unless it's what I wore to the gym that one time....).
suede leggings chanel fuchsia classic flap gold hardware
This outfit wouldn't have been possible without the input from my cousin and that vivid memory that I wish we would erase from our mind.  Nevertheless, memory or not, I wanted to take a moment to thank my cousin who is like the annoying older brother I've never had, minus the annoying part (just sometimes though, just kidding).  He was not only a great help to me this afternoon but he is a big proponent of my blog and without his love, support, and honest inputs, I don't think I would've been able to start blogging again. Thanks so much Alex!
Rachel rachel roy bright citron sweater talbots fuchsia suede flats alice and olivia suede leggings chanel flap
RACHEL Rachel Roy Pullover / Alice + Olivia Suede Leggings (tan ones on mega sale here) / 
Talbots flats / Talbots necklace / Chanel flap bag

Luckily it wasn't raining when these pictures were taken but it started sprinkling shortly after and then pouring by 9pm.  Therefore I hope everyone is staying dry, warm, and cozy and having a good weekend!  Happy Sunday!

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