POLKA CAT / Polka Dots with a peeking smiling cat face and silver accents

French Connection polka dot sweater layering purple colored denim Louis Vuitton miroir lockit designer flats
I've been in the market for the perfect polka dot sweater for Fall since these little round circles make their big comeback last spring/summer and finally found the one!  During my search, this Alice + Olivia white w/ black dots jumper caught my eye but the price was off-putting so I kept looking.  Of course the one day I wasn't looking was the one day I spotted this adorable number.  In actuality it wasn't the polka dots that grabbed my attention but instead it was the smiling cat peering out from the corner.  Utilizing a dot as its face, the kitty adds a whimsical touch to the sweater and makes this polka dot pattern unique from the rest.
Tiffany key necklace heart pendant French Connection polka dot sweater layered over button up
I wanted to play with colors to make the cat on the sweater stand out but due to the changing hues of the denim, my vision didn't translate too well.  My idea was that by using an analogous color scheme of red and purples, the red face of the cat would be the accent color and pop against the purples of the outfit (the dominant purple hue of the denim and the supporting lighter purple of the blouse).  However when reviewing these pictures I noticed that the denim was more of a bordeaux color with stronger red tones, like in the last picture, than the dark purple I thought they were under the lighting of my room, similar to the above picture.  Regardless, I think kitty is still able to capture all the attention.
Louis vuitton miroir lockit Burberry designer flats
Purple is one of those colors that go well with either silver or gold accessories.  For my casual look I went with silver accessories to provide a refreshing, crisp contrast that doesn't overpower the outfit.
French Connection polka dot sweater layering purple colored denim Louis Vuitton miroir lockit designer flats
 French Connection polka dot sweater (30% off here) / American Rag blouse / 
Marc by Marc Jacobs denim leggings (40% off here) / Burberry flats (old) /
Tiffany&Co key pendant, notes pendant + Dog charm necklace / Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here
Louis Vuitton Miroir Lockit

By the way, the key necklace I'm wearing is the inspiration behind the key-shape in my banner and side buttons :)  Actually each layer has some meaning to me - the dog charm necklace I got from Shane and it's suppose to be Rufus my little Jack Russell, the heart charm I got with my friends and it's our grown up version of those broken-heart BFF charms, and the key sparked my banner design.  With these dainty necklaces, it is like I am wearing a piece of everyone and everything that I cherish dearly in life.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and for reading.  Starting up my blog again has allowed me to creatively express myself outside of work and it is a wonderful way for me to wind down after a long day.  Thank you so very much!

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