COLLAR PLAY / Teddy bear collar and breaking fashion rules

fall layering with bandage skirt and tights
I’ve noticed a big trend this year is critters on sweaters – smack dab in the center, laying off to the bottom sides, or peeking out from the corner (such as the French Connection sweater in this post). As a huge animal lover, I am a fan of this darling touch on sweaters. My favorite one from this season is between this Burberry one with the dog off to the side (because I love dogs!!) or this Aqua one with the bunny in the center wearing glasses.
teddy bear collar sweater embellished animal sweater trend
It’s true when they say fashion trends always come back around. Take for example this sweater. I got this sweater at least 5 years ago, when Love Moschino was Moschino Jeans, and flash forward to today and it fits right into the present’s animal sweater trend. This sweater is more subtle with the critter touch since the teddy bears are only on the collar but there are enough bears to add a whimsical appeal on an otherwise plain black sweater. It's like the bears are playing Ring Around The Rosie (who remembers playing that as a kid?!!) around my clavicle!  Though they must not be having a good time because they look a bit sad.
leopard purse outfit idea
suede captoe heels brown red strap shoes
When putting together this outfit I realized that I broke the fashion rule of not wearing brown with black.  Well [fashion] rules are meant to be broken and I feel that with fashion and styling, there are no rules that you must follow.  Go with what is in your heart, what you are comfortable with, what inspires you and you will shine in the outfit that you put together :)
brown and black fashion rule outfit idea inspiration
Moschino Jeans sweater / BCBG skirt (on sale here) / Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50 tights
Talbots heels / Kate Spade purse / Talbots necklace (worn as bracelet), bracelet, and belt

My, those teddy bears really do look down!  I think I need to add two threads to turn that line into a smile.  I hope everyone is having a better day than the bears, take care and thanks for your time!

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