RED HOT CHOCOLATE: Red leather and uniform brown

I wanted to take a moment in remembrance of the innocent lives that were lost on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut and those injured in Henan, China on the same day.  My heart is breaking for the parents, the sisters, the brothers, the family and friends of those we lost yesterday and there will never be any words that will bring back the fallen.  I can only hope that the love and support, the condolences, the prayers, and the heartaches that is being shared will offer some warmth, some shield of love, from the tragic pain that is undoubtedly being felt this holiday season.

To the heroes of that day who protected the innocent children, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is inspiring to read about the teachers who hid the children in cabinets and closets while sacrificing their own lives to ensure the children's safety.  These teachers exemplify the compassion, selflessness, and dedication for said job and I have so much respect for them because of that.  Thank you.

Rest in peace dear angels of Sandy Hook Elementary School, you will forever be remembered.

Joie leather jacket (last worn here) / Marc by MJ sweater / Rich & Skinny jeans (under $50 pair here) / 
Prada heels / Louis Vuitton damier speedy 25

On that somber note it seems really shallow to talk about fashion and outfits so I am going to keep this entry short.  I composed this outfit on the basis that I wanted a mixture of warm tones yet wanted the jacket to remain the statement piece.  In order to let the jacket shine, the rest of the outfit is monotone brown and that really brought out the red of the leather.

Take care everyone.  For the past month (partly due to an incident that happened to one of the members of our work family and now the tragedies in Connecticut and China) I've been grasping onto my loved ones harder because life is truly unexpected and you never know what will happen.  Cherish those around you because with the blink of an eye, they can be taken away from you.  As always, I appreciate your time.

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