SHAPE MASH-UP: Geometric top, paneled skirt, and patterned tights

It is like kindergarten all over again - we're playing with shapes!  I wanted to create a fun outfit so using this cheery geometric top as my statement piece, I played up the shapes and lines and repeated it in other aspect of my outfit.  To draw out the pattern of this top, I made sure the rest of the pieces of the outfit was the color of the contrasting color (black) on the top.
Even though I introduced a third color with the contrast panel skirt, the simple black/white doesn't compete with the top.  In actuality, the contrast between the black panels and the white body of the skirt provides clean, crisp lines that serve to create a balance between the hexagonal tiling of the top and the subtle diamond pattern in the tights.  The classic quilts and simple silhouette of the Chanel flap blends in with all the lines and shapes of the outfits to really pull everything together.
Milly top (on sale here) / Sugar Lips Paneled Skirt / Spanx Patterned Tights (old) / 
Chanel Classic Flap / Juicy, Vita Fede, and Guess bracelets / Christian Louboutin pumps

I sacrificed (very willingly!) the paperwork and errands I had to do this weekend and instead I rearranged living room furniture (not too fun...) and spent the weekend with Shane and catching up with a good friend over delicious Greek food.  On top of that, weather was beautiful this weekend!  Hope everyone had a very nice weekend.  I'll think of it as starting the week on a high note =)

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