THE BLUES: Denim skirt and Daisy-Chaining

An interesting fact to start the entry, did you know the sun is closest to the northern hemisphere when it's winter for us?  Common sense would have us thinking, "wait, then why are temperatures so low if the sun, which is so hot, is close to us?", but this is one of those times where we shouldn't trust our intuitions.  Weather is actually determined by the tilt of earth's axis and the sun's distance to earth has minimal effect on temperature.  Who would've guessed!
That random trivia was brought on by the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.  Mid-to-high-sixties in the city with lots of sunshine during the day though we faced a drastic drop in temperature as we rolled into the evening.  With that said... I sound like a weather girl.  Moving on.
This necklace (and all necklaces with a string of daisies) gives me pleasant flashbacks to recess time in elementary school when the girls would run to the grass, sit around and collect daisies, and string them together to make necklaces, bracelets, and/or tiaras.  That and tetherball were two of my favorite activities!  This adult version of daisy-chaining combined with the double denim gives off a carefree, happy vibe.
James Perse top / D&G skirt / Talbots necklace + bracelet (and hairtie) / Talbots oxfords

According to my sister, college students are now in the middle of Finals week.  That was one of the perks about being on a quarter system, you finish your finals and get to enjoy your holidays.  Good luck to everyone taking finals and if you're forever done with finals, take care and have a good day!

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