ROYAL DOG / Graphic tee, denim jacket and lace-print jeans

casual outfit idea oxfords printed pants
I am sure for many of us doggy owners, my graphic tee rings true - they are the prince(s) and princess(es) of our world.  I can attest that my little Jack Russell Terrier, while an absolute terror most of the time, is always the delight of my days.  And we sure treat him like royalty!


POCKET FULL OF DAISIES: How to mix patterns and color block

I've somehow managed to tackle two fashion trends with one outfit - pattern mixing and color blocking.  Now whether or not I got a touchdown, that is up for judgement.  (Excuse the football terminology, I have to show some excitement over said sports because the Bay Area has a team going to the superbowl!!)


TWEED DELIGHT: Chambray layering with a cool color palette

When I first layered this chambray shirt, I contrasted the cool blue hue with warm tones like tan and browns for Fall.  Now, with weather dropping down to almost 32 degrees at night (cold for CA standards!), I paired the chambray with colors that evoked a mood to match the colder temperatures.


CANDY LAND: Printed blazer with fire colors

It's a race to find the lost King of Candy Land!  Draw a card, jump to that color, draw another, must get to the end first!  A simple game to adults but as a kid, the anticipation of drawing the next card and being one step closer to the king was always exciting and could provide hours of entertainment.  This reminiscent moment was brought to me by this unique candy printed blazer.


WEEKEND BASICS: Velvet blazer, dark denim and draped scarf

Here's the polished, laid-back look I mentioned last weekend when I wore a cotton blazer.  Although this blazer is velvet, the same look is acquired with blazers in any darker colors.  The strong shape of a classic blazer really defines the outfit.


DOVE REBLOOMED: A cheery dress styled for the Winter

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom!  I wore this dress in my first entry back into the blogging community and was delighted to re-wear this cheery number in the winter.  Winter in Northern California, more specifically in the East Bay, is never too cold so I can usually get by with a light jacket like the one in this outfit.


WINTER NAUTICAL: Anchor buttons on navy knit and bright, bold red

Blogging has really allowed me to rediscover items in my closet and wear them differently than how I would have worn them when I first got them.  It has allowed me to be more experimental in my combinations, opened my mind to items I wouldn't have considered, and like my cousin said "not be afraid of trying something out of the norm."  I got this sweater five years ago but five years ago, I wouldn't have paired it with red pants (partly because I didn't have a pair).


CASUAL BLAZING: Compositions of a casual blazer

Happy Sunday!  Is everyone enjoying their much deserved weekend?  I sure am!  A quick entry before I head to Boiling Crab with Shane and his mom.


LEOPARDS ALL OVER: Printed peplum and bold colored jeans

This top gives a whole new meaning to "leopard spots" because instead of just spots of a leopard as a print, this has whole leopards all over the top!  I wanted to break out this quirky top for the winter (wore it tons in the summer with shorts and skirts) and thought it would be fun to pair it with colored denim that matched the the leopards.


CATWOMAN / Leather (pants), open knit, and silk... oh my!

leather pants legging trend fall winter outfit idea
The inspiration behind this outfit is none other than Catwoman; more specifically the 1960's Catwoman portrayed by Julie Newmar on the TV series and Lee Meriwether in the movie.  What stood out most to me about Catwoman's costume during that era is that she didn't just don an all-black ensemble but she also accessorized with a gold necklace and belt, which our modern day Catwoman doesn't have.  To be fair, Catwoman was also accessorized in the 1950s but she did that with a purple and green getup (an inspiration for another outfit possibly?).


WINTER CONTRAST: Grey plaid and winter white textures

After a week of work (ok, maybe not last week) and dressing pretty casual (the joys of working in a lab where no one would bat an eye if someone showed up in sweats), I tend to dress up a bit more on the weekends.  This gives me the chance to put some items into rotation and explore the versatility of other pieces.


SHAPE REMIX: Hexagons, clean line and proportions

One of the great things about documenting my outfits is finding out what works and what doesn't work on me and my body shape. Sometimes my mirror plays tricks on me and what may look okay in my room is disastrous in person.  My head does the same thing when I put together outfits up there.


CHEERS TO 2013: Comfort outfit on the playgrounds

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!  I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013 full of love, happiness, joyous events, and unforgettable memories.  We have an entire year ahead of us and I cannot wait to make the most of it.  I wish the same for all of you.
I always like to start the new year wearing what I am most comfortable wearing - jeans.  There was a period where I was obsessed with jeans and purchased one too many pairs and quite honestly, how many pairs of jeans does one really need?  Now I have a shelf of denim neatly folded but never worn.  One of my resolutions for 2013 is to clear out the denim I don't wear anymore so I can make room for other items.