CATWOMAN / Leather (pants), open knit, and silk... oh my!

leather pants legging trend fall winter outfit idea
The inspiration behind this outfit is none other than Catwoman; more specifically the 1960's Catwoman portrayed by Julie Newmar on the TV series and Lee Meriwether in the movie.  What stood out most to me about Catwoman's costume during that era is that she didn't just don an all-black ensemble but she also accessorized with a gold necklace and belt, which our modern day Catwoman doesn't have.  To be fair, Catwoman was also accessorized in the 1950s but she did that with a purple and green getup (an inspiration for another outfit possibly?).
helmut lang asymmetrical sweater layering idea
sweater layering idea over button-up
I had to breakup my "all black everything" with a white silk blouse underneath the asymmetrical open-knit sweater (so very Helmut Lang) because it was a bit too chilly to wear it over a black triangle bra.  However the textures between the open-knit, the silk blouse, and the leather pants serve to provide contrast and create a three-dimensional outfit instead of what could've been a very flat black outfit.
fall chic layering tips
Besides the all-leather bottom (leather pants with (faux) leather boots over it) and overall black outfit that was obviously inspired by Catwoman, I paired the outfit with sharp accessories that would contrast well against the black - silver!  Silver accessories give a more casual, everyday vibe whereas gold accessories would've made the outfit dressier.
chanel purple classic flap
Here's the bit of purple from the 1950s Catwoman costume!  Ok that is a bit far-fetched and honestly wasn't on my mind when I grabbed this bag.  I chose this bag to wear with the outfit because the silver hardware went with the silver accessories and also because  I wanted to add some color to the outfit.  The dark purple is enough to stand out against the black/white but it isn't so bright that it becomes the statement item.
catwoman outfit idea costume halloween
HELMUT Helmut Lang pullover / "A" New York blouse / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather pants / Rampage boots / Talbots bracelet, Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here) / Chanel east/west flap

I've been searching for a quality pair of leather pants since the beginning of the season and am pleased with these Marc by Marc Jacobs ones.  They are more like pants (pockets on the back and zipper fly) and not leggings so that is good because I won't have to worry about finding long enough tops to cover my bum.  I haven't gotten them hemmed though so that explains the bunching around the knees.  These are definitely a closet staple and I can't wait to wear them again.

Happy January 8th everyone!  What's so special about January 8th?  Oh nothing, just that it's another day that we've made it through :)  Hope everyone is having a good week and adjusting into the New Year okay.  I got a bit shocked when I was greeted with "Happy New Year" earlier today because it already feels like we've gone so much into the year, time flies.

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