POCKET FULL OF DAISIES: How to mix patterns and color block

I've somehow managed to tackle two fashion trends with one outfit - pattern mixing and color blocking.  Now whether or not I got a touchdown, that is up for judgement.  (Excuse the football terminology, I have to show some excitement over said sports because the Bay Area has a team going to the superbowl!!)
What provoked me to mix floral with stripes is that I wanted to bring some uniformity to the chaotic (but fun!) floral skirt.  When mixing completely contrasting prints, like stripes with floral, it is important to keep both patterns in the same color family as this will connect the prints.  The white stripes flow with the white daisies; the grey background of the color blends into the grey daisies and black background of the skirt.
Then, I like to break up my prints with something solid in between (like what I did in this outfit) so I opted for a simple cozy sweater in a blindly bright color.  To incorporate the floral pattern of the skirt into the top of the outfit, I opted for the daisy necklace (last worn here).
Color play seems to happen a lot when I wear bright colors (good example with same color sweater here) and this time was no exception.  I figured if I'm going to be wearing such a jarring color, might as well add to it.  Go big or go home!  Similar to the above mentioned outfit, I kept the second color in the accessories.  However this time, instead of a complementary color scheme, I went for a blue and green analogous color scheme.
And now with the added purse, I have gone on daisies overload!  Three pieces of items with daisies on it...

So, going back to pattern mixing, if you have similar patterns then color matching isn't as important.  However for consistency, there should be a uniform color in the prints.  Even though the items are different colors, the two floral prints of my outfit flow together because the floral is white.  To summarize print mixing - differing prints, same color family; same prints concept, different colors.
Equipment 'Sloane' sweater (on sale!) / American Rag top (cute alternative) / Marc by MJ skirt
Talbots necklace / Jason Wu for Target bag / Kensie Girl wedges (on sale for less than $30!)

The good thing about mixing patterns and color blocking is that it is universal and works for all body shapes so if anyone has any tips or tricks, please do share!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Did anyone do anything exciting in addition to relaxing and enjoying good company?  Yesterday night, me and the same group of friends that did the Escape from the Mysterious Room game, did the Escape from the Haunted Ship version.  It is a lot of fun and if you are into those brain twister puzzle games that require you to think outside the box, I definitely recommend it.  Take care everyone and have a good week!

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