ROYAL DOG / Graphic tee, denim jacket and lace-print jeans

casual outfit idea oxfords printed pants
I am sure for many of us doggy owners, my graphic tee rings true - they are the prince(s) and princess(es) of our world.  I can attest that my little Jack Russell Terrier, while an absolute terror most of the time, is always the delight of my days.  And we sure treat him like royalty!
graphic tee and jean jacket combo idea
Jean jackets give off such a casual vibe and when combined with t-shirts, I am reminded of carefree days with not a worry in the world.  Those are the days I yearn for when I'm having a long week and usually that results in me looking forward to the weekend way too early in the week (like on Monday...).  Thankfully this week is zooming on by but sometimes it's nice just to be super dressed down.
louis vuitton miroir lockit
denim jacket how to wear
Shane got me this bracelet last Christmas and I love that he put so much thought into it to make it such a meaningful gift.  Can you guess the reasonings behind each of the charms he picked out?  Feel free to comment me your guesses but in case you hate guessing, read on.  First up, the key charm because it reminded him of my blog logo.  Secondly, the purse because I am a total bag addict.  And finally, the heel because he likes to see me in heels.  The good thing about charm bracelets is that you can add more to it so we are looking forward to adding more little trinkets that have significances to us.
san francisco outfit idea what to wear casual shopping trip
DKNY Jeans jacket (old but similar here) / Moschino Jeans tee (old but similar and a cute one) / Express tee / 
Louis Vuitton purse / Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here/ Swarovski charm bracelets

I hope everyone is having a carefree week =D

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