SHAPE REMIX: Hexagons, clean line and proportions

One of the great things about documenting my outfits is finding out what works and what doesn't work on me and my body shape. Sometimes my mirror plays tricks on me and what may look okay in my room is disastrous in person.  My head does the same thing when I put together outfits up there.
Take for example this outfit.  I worked with the same concept as I did when I first wore this top and that was to bring attention to the hexagon pattern of the top by combining it with clean lines.  Unfortunately when reviewing these pictures I noticed that the proportions of the outfit was all wrong.  Leaving the top untucked visually shortened my legs and the square-toed pumps made my feet appear wider than usual. This was definitely the opposite of the lean figure I envisioned the outfit would give.  Next time I will tuck in the shirt and go with pointed pumps.
Petticoat Alley jacket / Milly top (last worn here) / Paige Denim 'Lucia' Pants (again here) / Coach heels / Chanel flap

I went back and forth on whether I should post this entry or not but I figured if I didn't post it, I would be going against the purpose of why I started blogging again in the first place (to keep track of outfits and learn what works for me).  As I keep blogging, I am sure more of these "mistakes" will pop up and hopefully I notice them as quick as I noticed this one so I can learn from them and better my combinations.  TGIF everyone!  Have a good Friday and an awesome weekend!


  1. I think you look great in this outfit!!!!! Sometimes mistakes that we see in ourselves, nobody else would ever notice.


    1. Big hugs Jools! Thank you for your sweet and supportive words!