WINTER CONTRAST: Grey plaid and winter white textures

After a week of work (ok, maybe not last week) and dressing pretty casual (the joys of working in a lab where no one would bat an eye if someone showed up in sweats), I tend to dress up a bit more on the weekends.  This gives me the chance to put some items into rotation and explore the versatility of other pieces.
I fell in love with this blazer due to the texture and the colors of the pattern so when I put this outfit together I put that into consideration.  The purple, orange, and cream stripes of the plaid adds a unique touch to this classic item so to exaggerate that aspect, I took one of the colors to use as the main color of my outfit (cream) and another color to use as the accent color for the belt (purple).  The soft wool pairs well against the delicate silk blouse and textured knit skirt to evoke a gentle aura.
Adding the purple belt not only incorporated more of the plaid pattern into my outfit but it also aided in accentuating my body shape. Belting the blazer cinched the waist and created a peplum hem below the belt and this "overskirt" widened my hips to give the illusion of an hourglass figure when paired with fitting bottoms.
Boss Orange 'Oselenia' blazer /  Joie 'Mellea' blouse (worn here w/ pants) / Petticoat Alley skirt / 
Chloe pumps / Chanel medium flap (last worn here) / Vintage flower belt (similar jeweled one, pretty Lanvin one) 

A big woe I have when wearing white or any lighter colored bottom, besides the fact that I am clumsy and bound to get a stain on it within 5 minutes, is that they are not sufficiently lined so drawers will show through with any amount of lighting.  I ran into this problem when I wore this cream skirt but luckily there was a remedy!  About one to two years ago, American Apparel had a $5 sale and I picked up several of these interlock pencil skirts.  At the time I've only worn them alone but I discovered that they serve as great linings, efficient and cheap!  Just something to consider if you don't have shape-wear or slips in your closet and need something immediately.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Tomorrow is the start of the first day of the first full week of work after a nice two weeks of short week work weeks (what a tongue twister!) for me and I can't say I am counting down the hours.  We'll see how it goes.  Take care and have a great day!

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