RED AND WILD / Mixed animal print bow-tie tee and red pants

grey winter oversize coat red trouser outfit
With Lunar New Year quickly approaching, I thought it was appropriate to don some red for the celebrations coming up in the next few days.  By some red, I mean lots of red.  And unless the red is in accessories and only accessories, there is no "pop of red", it is a full on explosion of red.

red trousers pants outfit work how to
red and grey outfit black printed top
I bombard myself with the color red for Lunar New Year for good reason and high hopes.  Legend has it that every New Year, the Nian (translates to 'Year' in Chinese) beast would stop by villages and cause havoc by eating everything in sight, including children! However one year, the beast was scared away by a little boy.  How did the little boy scare Nian away?  The little boy was wearing red!  Therefore it is believed that wearing red will scare away evil spirits and bad fortune and bring prosperity to the new year.
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Since I wanted the red pants to be the stand-out piece, I kept the rest of the outfit neutral with a black, white, and grey color palette.  Though the color palette is a bit contradictory to the Lunar New Year theme I was going for.  Black and white are two colors that one should not wear during NY.  Black is a color of bad luck (oops!) and white is associated with funerals in Chinese cultures (double oops!).  Hopefully the red is bright and bold enough to fight off the shortcomings of the other colors!
winter work wear red pants
D&G top (old but recent version here and one under $40) / Petticoat Alley trousers (Carven ones 50% off, Tibi ones 50% off) /
Laundry by Shelli Segal coat (beautiful textured one here, nice burgundy one here) / 
Christian Louboutin pumps / Chanel east/west flap

It is fascinating how one color represents one thing in one culture and that same color tells a whole different story in another culture.  I wore red as a symbol of good luck for Lunar New Year but in South Africa, the color red is actually associated with mourning.  Very interesting!

With those thoughts on colors, I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  If you celebrate Lunar New Year, enjoy the celebration with your family and friends and GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!