BREEZY AND CLEAN / Flowy silk blouse and airy linen shorts

light color palette flowy blush silk blouse airy linen shorts bcbg joie double belt
TGIF!  My cousin's birthday is this weekend and he had a BBQ kickback planned tomorrow but unfortunately the rain coming to Northern California may throw his plans off.  We will see. In the meanwhile, I've been enjoying the warm sun combined with the cool, breezy air which makes for the perfect Spring day!


BLOSSOMS / Olive silk and printed pink for Spring tied together by light neutrals

olive pink combo outfit blossom jcrew tory burch cashmere vince olive silk blouse chanel flap ferragamo bow
Pastel pink and olive green is a color combination that works for any season and it may very well be one of my favorites.  The juxtaposition between the girly pink and the tougher olive green brings me back to childhood memories of playing with barbies and my boy cousins and friends playing with G.I. Joes.  Then later on there were the Sky Dancers and I will admit to tying two blankets to myself and jumping off the sofa trying to "sky dance".  Now we have the non-gender specific Red Bull drinks which "gives you wingsssss!!!".


COMPLEMENTARY / Blue flowy floral top and orange mini skirt

Rachel Rachel Roy flowy floral print top orange mini skirt complementary color combo colorblock outfit
Glaringly bright first photo aside, we had a few days of gloom but it seems the sun is out and ready to shine bright this weekend!  It will be a great first weekend of Spring :)

My right hand looks a bit stiff in these pictures because after a mishap while taking Rufus for a walk, I ended up with some scrapes and bruising from my hand rubbing against the wall.  I spent a week nursing the wound (washing, putting ointment on, and keeping it bandaged) hoping that it would heal without scarring and then the second week, after conflicting advices, I decided to let it air and just reapply ointment when it feels dry.  I am interested to know how you treat your wounds - do you let it breathe and dry out or keep it moist and covered?  I grew up practicing the former but when I googled for advice to treat this wound, the first couple pages of the search result advised the latter.  The conflict makes treating this wound difficult but I will definitely keep the "tried-and-true" method for future ouchies.


NEUTRAL BLOCK / Grey, Black, and White color-blocked stripe sweater and wedges

joie striped sweater casual outfit
Aside from friends' status updates, Facebook is good for bringing cute articles like this one (well this is more of a photo collection than an article) to my attention.  I ooh'd and ahh'd over the pictures of Tasuku and Muu and showed off their pictures as if they were my own.  Since I clicked through the article on my phone, I didn't notice that there was a link to Ms. Sakai's instagram so it was such a delight when I stumbled upon her instagram one night!  Life's little pleasures :)


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! / Doses of green to keep the pinching away

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!  A traditional practice done on St. Patrick's day is that one would get pinched for not wearing green; some say it is to remind you to wear green so the Leprechauns can't see you, parents used it to get their kids to behave, and others believe the green from the bruising they give you (ouch!) will give you some green.  This practice was done a lot during elementary and middle school but started fading out as we got older.  I remember all too well getting pinched a few times for not wearing green and I also remember using the good ol' "Oh! My undergarments are green!" excuse when I forgot because that couldn't be proven (at least that was not the norm back then).  Who else remembers getting pinched by fellow classmates for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?  


PEPLUM-NESS: Results of a light peplum jacket over a date dress

The week definitely goes by faster when it’s only a 4-day work week!  In the midst of my “hurry-and-throw-clothes-in-bag” packing, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have an outfit for the second day in Napa.  Oops.  With some quick thinking, I attempted to turn the dress I wore to dinner the night before into something more casual by wearing this darling jacket over it.  Consensus?  Meh… it is semi-bordering a modest walk-of-shame outfit, ha!  Lesson learned for next time.


NAPA STROLLING: Classic white blouse and jeans spruced with neon heels

As mentioned in the previous entry, Shane had a surprise weekend planned for us last weekend and it started bright and early Saturday morning.  Operating on three hours of sleep (note to self - having coffee at 7pm will keep you up well into the wee hours of the morning the next day...) I quickly packed for a weekend getaway and hopped into the car unaware of where we were headed.  A couple hours later, after a nice little shut-eye session for me, we ended up at our first stop, the Oxbow Public Market!


STRUCTURES / Fine lines and inspiration from Sydney Opera House

leather pants outfit idea
Hello, hello!  Is everyone having a good weekend!?  I'm extra cheerful because I took Friday and Monday off so that means I have a long weekend ahead of me.  I am looking forward to every single minute of it!  Shane has a surprise planned for me this weekend and on Monday I'm going to run some errands and enjoy my day off.

This outfit is all about structures - from the structured blazer to the sharp lines of the plunging V-neck top to the clean lines of the purse and finally to the breath-taking shoes that inspired it all.  The crisp lines of the outfit and the neutral black and white color palette keeps everything simple so that the shoes can do the talking.  And talking they sure do.


SPRING AWAKENING: Bright blossom print top and even brighter yellow accessories

It isn't officially spring until the 20th but with the beautiful weather we've been having and daylight savings this Sunday, I feel that Spring has already arrived.  I am looking forward to longer days (in terms of light), fun and bright colorful outfits, and the warm weather!  What do you usually look forward to during Spring?  Rufus (my little terror aka JRT) has already started sunbathing; he will wait by the door to go out and then plop down onto the first sunny patch he reaches.  Love my silly dog.