HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! / Doses of green to keep the pinching away

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!  A traditional practice done on St. Patrick's day is that one would get pinched for not wearing green; some say it is to remind you to wear green so the Leprechauns can't see you, parents used it to get their kids to behave, and others believe the green from the bruising they give you (ouch!) will give you some green.  This practice was done a lot during elementary and middle school but started fading out as we got older.  I remember all too well getting pinched a few times for not wearing green and I also remember using the good ol' "Oh! My undergarments are green!" excuse when I forgot because that couldn't be proven (at least that was not the norm back then).  Who else remembers getting pinched by fellow classmates for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?  

As mentioned in the previous entry, I will only be celebrating today by donning an outfit appropriate for this holiday.  And if this keeps the Leprechauns away as well as the unnecessary pinching, I am all for it!  I even have bruising (not from getting pinched) as an added measure of precaution, ha!
Nanette Lepore top (old but pretty similar print here and another gorgeous similar one) /
D&G belt (wider but similar) / Gucci bag (nice alternative) / Steve Madden wedges (as low as $32.99 here!)

Since St. Paddy's is a Sunday this year, I am not going to partake in the evening activities as I don't need another reason to drag myself out of bed for work tomorrow instead of being ready and willing to get up.  I did however have a wonderful night yesterday with my family and their sweetest significant others - good food and great company always equate to a memorable night!  If you are celebrating tonight, have a safe and wonderful time!!


  1. We managed to completely forget about St Paddy's weekend and I grabbed my bright green sweater purely by accident getting dressed that day. But we refrained from the extra beer, like you :)