PEPLUM-NESS: Results of a light peplum jacket over a date dress

The week definitely goes by faster when it’s only a 4-day work week!  In the midst of my “hurry-and-throw-clothes-in-bag” packing, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have an outfit for the second day in Napa.  Oops.  With some quick thinking, I attempted to turn the dress I wore to dinner the night before into something more casual by wearing this darling jacket over it.  Consensus?  Meh… it is semi-bordering a modest walk-of-shame outfit, ha!  Lesson learned for next time.

HELMUT Helmut Lang dress / Chanel chocolate bar east/west flap (similar but smaller, darker fuchsia one here) / 
Prabal Gurung for Target lace-up pumps (these are a total splurge but so gorgeous)

Hope you’re having a good week so far.  Alex reminded me that it’s St. Patrick’s Day soon!  Unfortunately for those that celebrate (or fortunately for those that don’t) it falls on a Sunday this year so the drinking and partying will be kept to a minimum since it is never a good idea to go to work inebriated.  What are your plans?  The only celebrating I will be doing is donning an outfit with some green since I am not a beer person, festive!  Have a wonderful day and take care.

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