YESTERYEAR / Blast from the past with an old skort and today's light spring layers

skort khaki tshirt light leopard scarf gladiator sandals layering vest louis vuitton speedy
The post title is a bit misleading as the skort isn't from last year but instead it's from almost a decade ago!  However that doesn't flow as well as yesteryear so it was nixed as a title possibility.  

They say that fashion goes round in circles and this time around skorts are making its comeback!!  Skorts are bottoms that provide the illusion of a skirt but with the convenience of shorts and that means you can go pretty short without exposing the fine china ;)  The fact that fashion trends recycle themselves is a good excuse to splurge on quality over quantity because you know when the trend comes back you can pull our your old pieces for new ways to rewear them.  Case in point is this skort I got almost 10 years ago that has gone in and out of donation bags but for this spring/summer, it has found its place back in my closet.


CANDY AGAIN / "Sweet" graphic tee and striped shorts

kensie striped shorts candy graphic tee nature stroll cardigan
A dentist's worst nightmare but my "sweet" inspiration for this outfit - candy!  This is the graphic tee from the same collection as the candy printed blazer in this post and it seems that I am just drawn to pairing this print/pattern with yellow.  It just so happened that the shirt was a perfect match for these candy-colored striped shorts.


WEEKEND WEAR / Stripe paneled maxi dress for a carefree and relaxing weekend

bariii striped maxi panel dress navy cream stripes proenza schouler lean hourglass illusion
Hello, hello!  How is everyone's weekend going?!  Hopefully it's been full of relaxing times, laughter with good company, and of course delicious food.  I've been enjoying my weekend so far and feeling super tall while doing so!  This is the first time I've ventured into a maxi dress for casual wear and it just feels so right that I'm certain it can't be wrong (until I screw it up of course...).  I love that you can throw it on and shimmy out of the house feeling fabulous.  It's going to take a lot of strength to make sure this dress isn't the first thing I reach for when getting ready in the morning, a lot of it!


PURPLE MONOCHROME / Printed wrap dress and Chanel reissue flap

purple outfit chanel metallic reissue purple classic flap printed patterned dress
With my mind primarily occupied by the devastation of the explosions in Boston, I wanted to wear a color that, for me, symbolizes heroes and humanitarians.  This association between purples and having faith in humanity arose from recalling those special short "award show" I would watch on the news where a member of the military is being awarded the Purple Heart for his or her bravery.  This is my way of remembering what happened, honoring those we lost, supporting those lives that were disrupted, and thanking those whose the kindness cast a warm glow over a city in pain.

This is in memory of darling Martin Richard, beautiful Krystle Campbell, and brilliant Lingzi Lu.  This is to show support for the families of the three mentioned victims we lost and the families of all those injured and the people whose lives were shaken up from this attack.  And finally, this is a token of appreciation for the people of Boston, the people in the area from out of town, and the officers and responders, whose first thought was not to help themselves but to help others.  


NEON SHORTS / Citron and navy Proenza Schouler PS1 to brighten up the day

My thoughts and prayer go out to Boston and to everyone whose lives were affected by the tragedy that occurred yesterday.  I have a friend who is currently living in Boston for school and another who went to run in the big marathon and once I heard the breaking news this morning, my heart skipped a thousand beats; not only for them but also for the people who were/are going through the same uncertainty I was.  Thankfully my friends are both okay and I hope your loved ones are as well.  I will remain glued to my phone to keep up to date on this and continue to pray for Boston.


HAPPY [belated] NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY: A message to my younger sister Winnie

national siblings day sister relationship love whereshewears
Happy [belated] National Siblings Day to the only sibling I have, my little sister Winnie! A day behind but better late than never, National Siblings Day is a holiday to celebrate and honor the relationships of siblings so today I will be honoring and celebrating our relationship, sister. This is the 14th year of the holiday but to be completely honest, it's the first year I've heard of it; this is probably due to social media and most likely the rise of Instagram.

Cheers to my other half who the complete opposite of me, one of the few who can keep me sane yet drive me absolutely insane, and my living mannequin (and one-time hair model)!  I can count on her to hop on a boat with me to explore a city we've never been in together, to run around The Big Piano while reliving childhood memories, and to freeze our arse off clutching onto a map to look for Gossip Girl show locations (we love that show and if this was instagram/twitter, I would be hashtagging no shame... no shame at all!).  I couldn't ask for a more chill sister.
national siblings day sister relationship love whereshewears
national siblings day sister relationship love whereshewears
national siblings day sister relationship love whereshewears
national siblings day sister relationship love whereshewears
Thank you Winnie for being an awesome (well, you're my only and it isn't like you have a choice) sister.  By the way, yes, she is elbowing me.  Yes, she does have an annoyed look on her face.  And yes, pictures may speak a thousand words but only three words matter...  she loves me, hehehe.  I love her too.  Happy Sibling Day little sis!!!


STARK CONTRAST / Dark wool and black pumps against a monotone red outfit

red pants printed silk blouse grey wool cape coat christian louboutin
It was a bit chilly over the weekend, and the rain did come, so I got a chance to sneak in a "coat" (by California standards... this would definitely not keep anyone warm over on the East coast!) before I put them away for the season. After some colorful outfits, I thought I would go back to the stark classic pairing of red and black.


ALL DENIM OUT / Denim short suit and Alejandro Ingelmo Origami beauties

mcqueen for target studded denim suit equipment sheer blouse navy ferragamo clutch alejandro ingelmo
Burgundy may be more of a fall color due to its deeper hue but I will be wearing these Alejandro Ingelmo beauties year round! Similar to the last outfit I wore the shoes with, I kept it simple with solid colors but interesting by adding dimension to the outfit from the silhouettes of the garments and mix of textures. This combo really allows the shoes to shine and do all the talking... err walking?


CUPCAKIN' / Bright yellow, metallic purple and geometric printed circle skirt

bariii geometric circle skater skirt yellow blouse buttonup tory burch belt geometry pattern chanel metallic reissue purple colorblock
It was Rufus's birthday yesterday! My little Jack Russell Terrier (or Terror...) turned nine human years old but he is still chock full of energy as if he is still a puppy. We bought him a doggy cake and let him go at it and go at it he did; he devoured the cake so fast! Love the little guy to pieces.