CANDY AGAIN / "Sweet" graphic tee and striped shorts

kensie striped shorts candy graphic tee nature stroll cardigan
A dentist's worst nightmare but my "sweet" inspiration for this outfit - candy!  This is the graphic tee from the same collection as the candy printed blazer in this post and it seems that I am just drawn to pairing this print/pattern with yellow.  It just so happened that the shirt was a perfect match for these candy-colored striped shorts.
louis vuitton silver miroir lockit
kensie candy striped shorts drawstring
Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize that a stroll through nature wearing shorts, bright colors, and a reflective bag is not the smartest idea.  Shortly after our walk I was super itchy on my left leg and I woke up the next morning to swollen bug bites on my arm and leg.  Sigh.  Lesson learned!
graphic tee tucked in striped shorts
Dior yellow wraparound flat espadrilles
kensie striped shorts candy graphic tee nature stroll cardigan
Moschino Jeans graphic tee (old) / Talbots cardigan (similar, another similar colored one) /
Louis Vuitton Miroir Lockit (love this clutch, a casual satchel, and a fun novelty one here)

Stay tuned for a very exciting "how to" coming up in the next blog post... how to accessorize with bug bites the size of your forearm and thighs.  Ha!  I am only kidding (about the post) but consider this a warning because I am sure there will be no way I can strategically stand to hide them in photos.  They are that big.  Any remedies to keep me from scratching myself open?


  1. Those shorts are really really cute - and under $10 - great find!! Super cute. (Did you try extra strength hydrocortisone cream?)

    1. Thanks Katie! And thank you for the tip about ex.strength hydrocortisone. I only had cortisone from the safety cabinets at work and that relieved me for a bit but the doc ended up prescribing me some super strong med to put on it which made it all better. I will keep the extra strength one in mind though for next time.