PURPLE MONOCHROME / Printed wrap dress and Chanel reissue flap

purple outfit chanel metallic reissue purple classic flap printed patterned dress
With my mind primarily occupied by the devastation of the explosions in Boston, I wanted to wear a color that, for me, symbolizes heroes and humanitarians.  This association between purples and having faith in humanity arose from recalling those special short "award show" I would watch on the news where a member of the military is being awarded the Purple Heart for his or her bravery.  This is my way of remembering what happened, honoring those we lost, supporting those lives that were disrupted, and thanking those whose the kindness cast a warm glow over a city in pain.

This is in memory of darling Martin Richard, beautiful Krystle Campbell, and brilliant Lingzi Lu.  This is to show support for the families of the three mentioned victims we lost and the families of all those injured and the people whose lives were shaken up from this attack.  And finally, this is a token of appreciation for the people of Boston, the people in the area from out of town, and the officers and responders, whose first thought was not to help themselves but to help others.  
chanel purple metallic reissue classic flap
purple outfit chanel metallic reissue purple classic flap printed patterned dress
swarovski bracelet charms gucci buckle watch
striped espadrilles wedges black and nude combo peeptoe ankle strap laundry by shelli segal
purple outfit chanel metallic reissue purple classic flap printed patterned dress
RACHEL Rachel Roy dress (solid purple for under $30this one is SO pretty, and a geometric print here) / Tory Burch belt /
Tiffany & Co notes heart pendant, Gucci watch (love this bracelet with the belt buckle closure), Swarovski bracelet /
Laundry by Shelli Segal wedges (old but love these and similar patterned wedges here)

I can't stomach looking at pictures of the carnage as that is not how I would like to remember humanity so instead I take with me stories and pictures I heard about the kindness of people offerring support and love to others.  This is a great pictorial article showing some of the good deeds of people after the explosion and another one (some acts appear in both articles) with similar acts of kindness.  These two posts on The PurseForum from members sharing their experience and stories from friends moved me to tears.  And you can see from the hundreds of videos on YouTube that there people are running towards the explosion to help those in need.  Heartwarming stories like these done by completely selfless people will pull Boston out of this tragedy sooner rather than later and we will be there supporting you every step of the way.


  1. Super cute dress, your baggy is to die for!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

    1. Thank you so much Diana! Hope you have a great Thursday!

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