CLEAN AND CRISP / Stripes and bright whites for a new blog design!!

equipment stripe bright white denim daisy necklace
If you came here from my blogspot address, you may have noticed that you got redirected to a new domain!!  And with that domain change came a whole new name/header!!  Don't be alarmed, it is all self-inflicted as I transition into a more streamlined blog name and layout.  I've always been excited to post but even more so now because everything just goes together.  I do notice that there is a slight lag in loading the pictures/header so part of the transition will be to figure out how to make the site load faster so expect a few more changes over the next week.  Overall though, I am really stoked about the change and thank you so much for your support!!

To celebrate this joyous event (at least for me), my first outfit for the new layout is something clean and crisp.  Mom's first thoughts on this outfit when I asked her what she thought was that the outfit is very "ching" which is Cantonese for clear.  Direct Cantonese to English translation is sometimes funny so I would say "ching" used in this case means crisp.
equipment stripe bright white denim daisy necklace
equipment stripe bright white denim daisy necklace
equipment stripe bright white denim daisy necklace
To add more Spring oomph to the outfit, I added my favorite daisy necklace which blended in with the blouse but also provided more dimension to the smooth silk.  I was going for a more simple look with no attention going towards a statement piece and my cousin Alex, who has quite the keen eye for details, said it best when he said that the top flows into the jeans without the use of a belt.  Thanks for the sharp observation cous!
equipment stripe silk blouse button back
nude wedges espadrilles tstrap
equipment stripe bright white denim daisy necklace
Equipment top (here's a LOFT blouse in the same colorway) / Levi's denim leggings (on sale for under $40!) /
Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here), Talbots necklace (last worn in this entrysimilar here for $30)

This blog change has been a good way to deal with being in bed all weekend and today and it might be psychological but I am definitely feeling better.  Hey, gotta turn those lemons into lemonade right?  Though I do owe a lot of thanks to Vanessa who informed me that it is the antibiotics that are making me nauseous and not the narco that I was prescribed.  Hurray, I can mask the pain again!!

I do find it a bit ironic that after I was feeling grateful for my health, I've been complaining about it for two entries straight.  Funny how life works!  But I am feeling better and that is all that matters now.  Thank you for reading, take care and have a lovely Tuesday!!

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