CROCHET AND CHAMBRAY / James Perse chambray stands out against crochet skirt

chambray shirt crochet skirt outfit lace vintage fendi
Hi!  Hope you've been having a good week so far.  I was summoned for jury duty yesterday so spent all morning in an assembly room and then the rest of the time in a court room.  Unfortunately I didn't get selected to be a juror.  And since California has a One-Day or One-Trial jury service policy my name is out of the hat for the next 12 months.  I did come to a sharp realization from this summons though.

During dinner with my family on Monday night I had a discussion with Vicki about how much jurors get paid and we both shared the same thoughts about getting $15/day.  That amount would get us lunch.  And we can stretch it to pay for parking.  Yesterday afternoon as I was sitting in that assembly room, I felt extremely lucky that I could afford a ~$12 lunch because I remembered a fundraising campaign that my colleague told me about - Live Below the Line.  Live Below the Line is a campaign to raise awareness about poverty by challenging individuals to live off $1.50 PER DAY [for 5 days] to experience what extreme poverty is.  I will not hesitate to admit that I would not be able to survive on $1.50/day - $15 covers a meal for me whereas $15 would be able to cover 10 days of food for someone living in extreme poverty.  That campaign combined with the "salary"of jurors is enough to make me so appreciative that I can afford three meals a day.  What a reality check.

talbots necklace chambray shirt
vintage stripe fendi clutch
chambray shirt crochet skirt outfit lace vintage fendi
free people crochet skirt lace overlay
chambray shirt crochet skirt outfit lace vintage fendi
James Perse chambray combo top (last worn here) / Free People crochet skirt (last worn heresimilar and forever21 alternative) /
Mom's vintage Fendi clutch (this season's version and loving the fun pink one as well!) / Talbots belt /

Super thankful to be able to go to bed happy, healthy, and not famished.  Also thankful to you for your time and for allowing me to share some thoughts.  Take care and happy hump day!


  1. I'm seeing (a version of) this crochet skirt EVERYWHERE. I love how you've styled it here - really sophisticated. You're slowly convincing me I need to have one of these skirts. (;

    1. I would love to see how a crochet skirt will be transformed into one of your beautiful fashion illustrations! Probably not convincing enough to get one though huh? =P Thank you for your nice words on the styling Katie!