SIMPLE AND COMFY / Striped maxi dress with colorblock wedges

leather jacket striped maxi dress wedge chanel
Just as I've developed a new love for maxi dresses, so has mom.  She actually picked out this dress for me because she was enamored by the very first maxi dress I wore.  She also liked the mishmash of lines on this one.  Weather has been a little bit unpredictable lately with it being hot one minute and then windy the next so a nice leather jacket fixed that right up.

talbots chain necklace leather jacket
leather jacket striped maxi dress wedge chanel
chanel cambon black white bowler
maxi dress striped black white leather jacket
prabal gurung target colorblock wedges
simple comfy striped maxi dress wedge chanel
Joie leather jacket (last worn here, and 70% here!!) / Bar III striped maxi (similar here on sale for $49.99) / 
Talbots necklace (forever 21 alternative), Gucci watch, bracelet from Shane / 
Prabal Gurung for Target wedges (similar in diff color combos) / Chanel Cambon bowling bag

Pictures are deceiving because the last thing I am right now is up, smiling, and full of life.  I went in to get my last wisdom tooth extracted yesterday and boy oh boy am I feeling it bad.  Strong migraine, jaw soreness, and then add in the side effects from all the meds and you have one bedridden gal.  The oral surgeon that did the extraction told me that it is best to have your wisdom teeth extracted in your teenage years because they haven't grown too big thus less of an impact when you get them out.  I wish someone told me that when I got the other 3 pulled out 7 years ago!  

I should've planned this better because it's Mother's Day weekend.  No good food for me this weekend but I should be well enough by tomorrow to enjoy the beautiful day with my Mom and all the other Moms I have in my life (my aunties, my grandma, my beautiful MILF cousin, and my friends who are mums to cute little dogs!).  Happy Mother's Day to your mom and have a great weekend!


  1. I love that your mom picked this out, good taste can clearly be passed on from generation to generation!

    1. You're so sweet Shar! Thank you! Will pass on your kind words to mom =D Though this may just give her another reason to shop for us more...