DOUBLE POOF / Black chiffon peplum over a full skirt over a pleated skirt

peplum skater circle marc jacobs daisy skirt
Peplum blouse over voluminous skirt take two.  After my failed attempt at this combo last month I wanted to give it another go with the problem area [the longer hemline] fixed.  I used a shorter full skirt this time and created more volume by layering it over another flouncy skirt.  The idea, and eventual execution, of layering the patterned skirt over another skirt was purely accidental and came about as I was trying to figure out which skirt to wear.  Initially I had on the black faux leather one (to go for a flirty all-black ensemble) but wanted to see what effect the patterned skirt would have with the blouse.  I pulled up the daisy skirt over the leather one because I was too lazy to slip it off and after seeing how it looked, it never came off!  I feel that the leather "trim" pulls the outfit together in that the statement skirt is the print block between the two blacks.


CASUAL GLAM? / Skull and bunny graphic tee with trouser shorts and colored gems

graphic tee trouser shorts prabal gurung for target coach
A few weeks ago I tried my hand at a punk glam look and now I'm giving casual glam a shot.  I say that this outfit is more casual glam because there is a combination of both elements in the outfit.  The cute graphic tee and the straight, carefree hair are the casual aspect of the outfit whereas the gold accessories and the pumps are more glam.  To add a little bit of fun and keep the outfit from being too monotone I added in a sprinkling of colors


CONGRATS / Sister's graduation and blue tribal stripe dress

UCLA bruins graduation jumping class of 2013
UCLA ecology graduation congratulations winnie
On Saturday morning, my mom, uncle, and great-uncle drove down to LA to attend my sister's graduation on Sunday (yesterday).  Despite having to get up early because the ceremony started at 9, it was a beautiful ceremony with inspiring speeches from Elizabeth Devine and a graduating senior.  I didn't walk for my graduation because I didn't want to inconvenience my family and friends but after attending my sister's, I can see why my parents wanted me to - it is a very special moment and I was a super proud sister and couldn't wait for her name to be called!  Coincidentally her graduation was on Father's Day and I felt that this was the ultimate Father's Day gift to my amazing dad seeing as how this was what he practically lived for, seeing us graduate with our degrees.  Wish he was there with us physically but I know he was cheering with us in spirit as she crossed that stage and flipped that tassel.  Congratulations to my sister and to the Class of 2013!!

I have never been on or even looked up the campus but my oh my, what a stunning campus!  While my sister took post-graduation shots I took the opportunity to get a couple pictures in front of their humanities building.  I thought it was going to be pretty hot down in LA so I wore a simple sleeveless shift dress (myself and most of the guests got the memo to wear blue, haha!) but it was actually pretty chilly in the morning and of course I didn't bring a jacket.  I ended up getting sick after lunch and spent the rest of the day in bed.  At least it was after pictures with the graduate =P.


POP ROCKS / Candy-colored accessories (rich purple purse and neon pink pumps)

mini skirt tshirt gucci gloria chanel purple
PHOTO CREDIT (all pics in post) - ED TRAN PHOTOGRAPHY (Thank you Ed!!)

As I was looking over this outfit and writing up the entry in my head, I had an epiphany.  Just a warning that it is a pretty superficial realization (sorry...) and of no importance.  I realized that the color of my purse and pumps are the colors of the those Pop Rocks candy!  More specifically the grape and strawberry flavor!  Have you ever been afraid to eat Pop Rocks and then drink Coke immediately after because you were told you would explode?  And that Mountain Dew was actually horse pee?  Once I was able to read ingredients off the cans I knew the second one was fake but I honestly believed the Pop Rocks+Coke for a bit until it got debunked in 7th grade science.  If you were curious, here is a clip that explains why it won't happen.  Explosion or not, they are still fun to eat.  And that is the exciting story behind how I came up with my post title.  Cool story, bro.

I feel that candy-colored accessories are a perfect way to spruce up a grey/white outfit - actually any colored accessories.  Since I kept my necklace/watch silver, I introduced two different colors through my shoes and bags to add more variety and avoid being too matchy.


COLOR-BLOCKED / Blue floral-print and bright fuchsia vintage shorts

colorblock blue pink fuchsia
PHOTO CREDIT (all pics in post) - ED TRAN PHOTOGRAPHY (Thank you Ed!!)

Start of a new week already!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and I hope it was full of delicious food (it most definitely was for me!).  This weekend I got the opportunity to have a blog shoot with an old friend from high school, Ed, who runs Ed Tran Photography.  It was astounding getting to peek at the world through a photographer's POV because it is so different from what I, a total amateur in photography, see.  Ed's ability to scout locations, analyze light, and compose an image is only some of his talents that I admire and hope that I can learn.  I take no responsibility for the beautiful pictures in this post as Ed is the one who chose the locations, shot the image, and did the processing - I only put together the outfit and posed.  Heck, he even instructed me on posing!  Amazing!  To Ed, I can't thank you enough but here's another thank you.  And to everyone, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

If I haven't lost you already, I would love to know your thoughts on these shorts.   I absolutely love them but I am bias because they are actually my mom's shorts from the late 80s!  She was cleaning out some of the boxes of clothes she had stored away over the years and pulled these out because she thought they would fit me.  She was spot-on (moms do know best) and they fit great.  The crazy thing is that they are tagged a size 6 so now I know my size should I ever be transported back in time, haha.