POP ROCKS / Candy-colored accessories (rich purple purse and neon pink pumps)

mini skirt tshirt gucci gloria chanel purple
PHOTO CREDIT (all pics in post) - ED TRAN PHOTOGRAPHY (Thank you Ed!!)

As I was looking over this outfit and writing up the entry in my head, I had an epiphany.  Just a warning that it is a pretty superficial realization (sorry...) and of no importance.  I realized that the color of my purse and pumps are the colors of the those Pop Rocks candy!  More specifically the grape and strawberry flavor!  Have you ever been afraid to eat Pop Rocks and then drink Coke immediately after because you were told you would explode?  And that Mountain Dew was actually horse pee?  Once I was able to read ingredients off the cans I knew the second one was fake but I honestly believed the Pop Rocks+Coke for a bit until it got debunked in 7th grade science.  If you were curious, here is a clip that explains why it won't happen.  Explosion or not, they are still fun to eat.  And that is the exciting story behind how I came up with my post title.  Cool story, bro.

I feel that candy-colored accessories are a perfect way to spruce up a grey/white outfit - actually any colored accessories.  Since I kept my necklace/watch silver, I introduced two different colors through my shoes and bags to add more variety and avoid being too matchy.

tshirt mini skirt colorful accessories /></div>
<div class= talbots chain necklace sheer tee
chanel purple classic flap
gucci gloria shocking pink pumps
gucci gloria chanel purple
BCBGeneration Tee (last worn here) (similar here for under $20, practically identical one here) / Forever 21 skirt (old) /
Chanel purple caviar east/west classic flap (last used here) (similar rich purple clutch) /
Talbots necklace, Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here), Tiffany & Co 1837 narrow ring
Huge thanks to Ed at ED TRAN PHOTOGRAPHY for these beautiful shots (especially love the last one!)

TGIF!!  I hope you have a wonderful Friday, beautiful weekend, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads out there!

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