WAYBACK WEDNESDAY / Warm palette in chevron stripe knit dress and khaki jacket

summer to fall transition idea
A new post with the very first blogshoot I did when I started blogging again.  My darling boyfriend took these photos for me way back then and seeing these photos today made me realize what a spectacular piece of glass the 85mm is.  I am seriously considering that lens again even though we only use a crop-frame DSLR for blog pictures - sometimes a little distance is good right?


WILDLY BRIGHT / Animal print silk, bright neon, and mirrored bag

animal print summer 2013 trend item idea casual
Happy weekend!  Had such a fun Saturday yesterday which included blog shoots, archery, and delicious Vietnamese food (one of favorite cuisines!).  Looking forward to continuing that fun in a few hours when I meet up with a good friend for coffee, lunch, and catching up.  Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your Sunday!


MUTED COLORS / Pastel stripes, studded grey denim shorts, and white Chanel PST

studded shorts striped top blouse casual outfits
Happy hump day!  Hope you're having a great week so far and seeing as how half the week is over, the next two days will zoom on by.  Another casual outfit today but this time instead of bright colors I went for more muted and serene colors; sweet pastels sort of.    

Discovered another fashion-don't (in my book) with this outfit.  I'm usually a fan of the half-tuck (example here and then a half-side tuck here) but when reviewing today's pic I realized that flowy shirts should be fully tucked or else we have a half-tuck fail.  What's the fail?  Well if not fully tucked in, flowy shirts will give the illusion of a wider width (and the thick horizontal stripes don't help) due to their tendency to billow out thus today I doubled in width!  Lesson learned :)


FLOWERS AND GEOMETRY / Flower statement necklace and geometric patterns

flowers and geometric shapes skater skirt
After quite a stressful week with a million experiments going on at work and then a nightmare with some property management stuff that made me cancel a trip to Vancouver, I just wanted to get some r&r this weekend.  However a call early Saturday morning ruined those plans and I spent all of Saturday dealing with more problems.  Sigh.  That is life.  I did manage to sneak away and grab some noodles late Saturday afternoon and I am hoping everything is resolved now.  A day of errands after a lack of sleep all week means something casual and comfy and what is more comfy than a tshirt?

Mama was surprised at how this statement necklace (white version last worn here) helped pull the outfit together.  I just wanted a little glam so I carried over the complementary color pair from the last blog post over to this one.  And like what happened the last time I wore the skirt, I had to get do some twirling and swirling, lol!


BRIGHT FLORALS / Complementary colors with floral blazer and orange mini skirt

mini skirt blazer outfit bright florals
This blazer is turning into quite the fun piece to have around this season as I explore different items to wear it with. First I paired it with another printed item for some print-on-print action and this time I am wearing it with bright bold colors.  Having some fun with colors today the complementary blues and oranges play off each other and is neutralized by the white blouse.  The peplum zipper detail (completely usable by the way, I unzipped it to turn it into an origami blazer the last time) added some extra playfulness to the outfit.


RED, WHITE, BLUE and STARS / Patriotic outfit take two with Equipment star print!

july 4th outfit red white blue stars stripes holiday celebration wear
Continuing on with the red, white, and blue theme, this is a casual festive getup for those BBQs and more laid-back events.  A tie front shirt (which is just the Equipment slim signature button-up with the bottom buttons undone and tied up) and denim shorts is what I would consider a standard uniform for hot summer days.  Now make it a star-printed shirt and add some red accessories and you have yourself a patriotic outfit to celebrate the July 4th weekend!


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY / Festive outfit take one - Red, white, and chambray

chambray dress retro cap sleeve a-line silhouette

I hope you had a great Fourth of July celebration!  For the lucky ones, you get to enjoy an extra long weekend of July 4th festivities but for the unfortunate ones who have to go back to work today, I feel your pain!  Thankfully the BART strike has temporarily ended so hopefully commute will be a lot easier for those who use BART.

For this joyous holiday in which we celebrate America's independence I wanted to don a little red, white, and blue.  Our dear friend Sharon accompanied us on this blog shoot and immediately she caught onto the theme of the outfit, she's good!  Her company was a wonderful addition and the three of us had good laughs catching up, sharing stories, and discussing the creep factor of using "POKE" on Facebook (I am all for it by the way!).  It was real humbling to hang out with Shar and Ed together because those two along with my cousin Alex and my mom are the people I owe this blog to; they are the backbone of the blog.  And if they are the backbone then all of you are the ribs because without your support, faith, and continual love, I would never have been able to keep at this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


WEDDING BLUES / Congrats N+T! Bright blues and light gray for an outdoor wedding

what to wear to summer outdoor wedding dress outfit ideas inspiration
Over the weekend Shane and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding uniting two of the sweetest people we know, Nancy and Tony!  The ceremony took place at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in Golden Gate Park and the love between them moved me to tears [of happiness].  Their addicting personalities was reflected in both their ceremony as well as the reception that followed and it was an absolute honor getting to celebrate with them.  CONGRATULATIONS NANCY AND TONY!!