LEATHER AND OUT / Zebra print DVF dress and black leather cropped jacket

dvf bentley dress leather jacket animal print fall trends
Hi! Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend because I sure am!  My dear cousin Alex is visiting [to see the blog in action? =P] and we've already had a fun couple days catching up.  Tonight we're catching Alesso (and a bunch of traffic because of the Bay Bridge closure) but a quick entry before we leave.


DON'T WAIT / Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit) Tee and Striped Textured Mini Skirt

legs lace up sandals mini skirt
the duke spirit leila moss tshirt
target mcqueen collection tshirt leila moss
black laceup sandals wrap gladiator
metallic purse bag handbag louise vuitton miroir
textured mini skirt striped outfit ideas
laid back casual tshirt miniskirt outfit idea trend fashion
McQ for Target tshirt (old) / MADE Fashion Week for Macy*s Impulse skirt (similar striped minis here, here, and here)
Prabal Gurung for Target sandals (similar lace-up styles here, here and a pair under $120) / 
Rolex watch (Michael Kors version here) / Louis Vuitton miroir lockit / On nails - Butter London 'Come to Bed Red'


DRAPED POCKETS / Casual grey dress as background for another pink and green combo

draped jersey dress grey cotton comfy
Hi!  Something quick and simple before I head out to finish up some errands.  This is the same pink and green color combo you've seen over and over in the past two weeks.  I am definitely getting good use out of this bag - it is just so easy to grab-and-go and easily converted between crossbody, shoulder, and handheld throughout the day.  A breezy, casual outfit for some browsing and dinner in the city with my family.


FLORAL SPOTS / Printed pink top complemented with emerald green bag

studded short floral print blouse
Good morning!  I was just telling Ed the other day that our streak with me using his photos for my blog posts have ended.  We went five blog posts this time, longest we've ever done.  Now we have a record to break =P  We are back to my regular blog photographer, my mom.  Having a blog shoot with her always makes for some cherished mother-daughter bonding time and the best part is that we both enjoy it and have a good time.

It has been real humid lately in the bay area (did anyone catch the thunder show over in SF a few nights ago?) so I've been trying to stay dry with cotton tops that won't stick to my skin and some short shorts.  The complementary fuchsia pink top and emerald green purse is offset by the grey and the glitter captoe from the flats add an ounce of glam to an otherwise casual outfit.


ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE / The past two outfits with Ar Thai

Photography by Ar Thai (Facebook | Website)

Apologies for the filler post but these photos are too good not to share.  As mentioned in my Wearable Bouquet entry, I randomly ran into Ed and Ar Thai when I was grabbing a drink for my sister at ChaTime and we had an impromptu blog shoot together.  I've posted Ed's beautiful shots for these two outfits but here's another look at them through Ar Thai's lens and some more tidbit about the outfits.

With a statement dress or any statement items, I limit myself to using one other loud piece so that there is no clashing between the items.  The colorful floral pattern of this dress is busy enough on its own so I used a neutral belt  (to give some shape) and wore some nude flats.  While a neutral purse would have also worked with the dress, the color of the purse worked to bring out the pattern of the dress because it pulled out the color [green] that is least used in the dress and brought everything together.


BLACK AND GOLD / It's in the details

black and gold outfit with white jeans trend ideas pairings
Photography thanks to Ed Tran

TGIF!  I hope you don't mind that I'm going to split up this outfit post into two entries.  The reason being that I couldn't choose just 6-7 pictures between my photographers for the day, Ed and Thai.  Splitting it allows me to showcase both of their work and is a good example of how photography is like fashion, it is an art that is unique to each person.  To keep the entries interesting and not repetitive, I will be sure to add some little tidbit about the outfit in both.

First up are the shots from Ed that captureed the details of the outfit just perfectly.  I picked up these beautiful shoes from the Saks sale and just knew I had to wear them with a black+gold outfit.  Next season I plan on wearing them with bold red, brown based animal print, and olive so don't get sick of them just yet =P.  The outfit may be a little matchy-matchy with all the black and gold but I feel that the textures and shape of the embellishments give enough dimension to set apart the different items.


WEARABLE BOUQUET / Floral crochet dress with bow-back and bright Chloe Marcie

floral lace bodycon dress outfit idea

Some of life's greatest moments are the ones that are unplanned.  This weekend I had an impromptu blog shoot with my dear HS friend Ed, who has been the photographer of a few blog entries already, and my new friend Thai (the talented wedding photographer behind Ar Thai Photography).  We had such a wonderful night exploring, laughing, shooting, and conversing over delicious Japanese food.  I am always fortunate to work with professional photographers because it really allows me to see things from another person's perspective.  Not only that but I also gain an immense amount of info about photography.  Thank you Ed and Thai for taking me under your wings and allowing me to be the subject of your beautiful pictures!

Not only do I get to work with some of the greatest people but I am also constantly inspired by all those around me. A few weeks ago my cousin Alex who has been there for me for this from the very beginning suggested I wear some floral print and lo-and-behold his suggestion yielded this outfit. I paired an old dress (one that I have worn a few times every spring and summer since I got it two and a half years ago) with a bright bag for a flirty daytime look. Folded into the bag is a denim jacket that I can pull out to keep warm. That brings me to the bag! With the influence and enabling of Vanessa (who has a darling Marcie family that consists of a mini crossbody and a black satchel), I got this lovely Chloe Marcie!


CASUAL LACE / Menswear vest, bright lace dress, and ankle boots

casual lace dress how to daytime look

Happy Saturday and cheers to the weekend!  I realize that we still have a little over a month left of summer (not complaining, I love the warm weather and the longer days) but this would be a good summer-to-fall transitional outfit.  The bright lace acts as our summer base and then we work into it shades of brown and ankle boots for the fall element of the outfit.  With this short transition period between the two seasons we are still able to some some skin and keep warm with layering.


FLY AWAY / Feather-print blouse and bandage skirt with some summer colors

bcbg bandage skirt colorful summer outfit idea

Thank you for all the love and support regarding the latest bump in the road. The print of this blouse is symbolic of what I know will happen - the problems will eventually shed from my life and fly away with the gust of a wind. Actually that is what I hope will happen but should things go astray, I am working with one of the best lawyers for the issue, have the help of the sheriff department, and have all the love and support from friends and family to get me through it.


SUMMER BRIGHTS / Neon sweater and white denim

neon sweater outfit idea white denim trend

Hello!  I thought that with the farewell of July and the welcoming of a new month that all my problems would disappear but unfortunately that is not how life works.  July was probably one of the most stressful months I've had in the past two years and it seemed that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  I faced challenges with every part of my life - personal, work, and then the worst was dealing with a tenant and co. who I am sure is from h-e-doublehockeystick.  One would think that adults would act their age and leave well enough alone when they were in the wrong but this was not the case.  I spent the past three days talking to cops and making rounds to the police station to file paperwork and am now talking to our lawyer and discussing our options.  What a headache.

When I am feeling burnt out, I just want to be cozy and comfy so I usually turn to a warm sweater and simple flats.  I realize how ridiculous I look wearing a sweater in the middle of Summer but don't let the sun in these pictures fool you as the bay breeze hits at the most random times.  With a cozy sweater I always feel like I am enveloped in a big hug and that (along with this bright color) always makes my day a little more cheerful.