WEARABLE BOUQUET / Floral crochet dress with bow-back and bright Chloe Marcie

floral lace bodycon dress outfit idea

Some of life's greatest moments are the ones that are unplanned.  This weekend I had an impromptu blog shoot with my dear HS friend Ed, who has been the photographer of a few blog entries already, and my new friend Thai (the talented wedding photographer behind Ar Thai Photography).  We had such a wonderful night exploring, laughing, shooting, and conversing over delicious Japanese food.  I am always fortunate to work with professional photographers because it really allows me to see things from another person's perspective.  Not only that but I also gain an immense amount of info about photography.  Thank you Ed and Thai for taking me under your wings and allowing me to be the subject of your beautiful pictures!

Not only do I get to work with some of the greatest people but I am also constantly inspired by all those around me. A few weeks ago my cousin Alex who has been there for me for this from the very beginning suggested I wear some floral print and lo-and-behold his suggestion yielded this outfit. I paired an old dress (one that I have worn a few times every spring and summer since I got it two and a half years ago) with a bright bag for a flirty daytime look. Folded into the bag is a denim jacket that I can pull out to keep warm. That brings me to the bag! With the influence and enabling of Vanessa (who has a darling Marcie family that consists of a mini crossbody and a black satchel), I got this lovely Chloe Marcie!

free people lace dress
dress with flats outfit picture
chloe marcie satchel bag handbag crossbody
open back dress with bow
bodycon daytime dress idea floral trend spring summer
Free People dress (old but similar floral bodycon dress options here, here, and a splurge here) /
Chloe 'Marcie' Medium Satchel (color is Emerald Coast) /  D&G belt
Salvatore Ferragamo 'Blake' flats (closer look here and here)
Lots of love to Ed Tran for the photography!!

This entry is a reminder to myself of all the people I hold dear to my heart - those I get to work with, those I am friends with, and just everyone I have met. I am so lucky to have such a strong support system (hi Shar! hi David!) and truly appreciate your time! I can't wait to share the next outfit post with you guys, stay tuned. Have a wonderful day and take care!


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    1. Thank you Shirley! I've said this practically everywhere but so happy that you're trying out blogging!!

  2. Summer written all over it. Love the city look going on there too. GJ Ed with the shots!

    I GOT A SHOUTOUT! My life is complete!

    And as always your best piece is your smile! Also that shot with you looking back is amazing! :D

    1. I wish I could tag people on Blogger like we can on FB. I'll just have to send Ed the link to your compliment on his photography.

      Thank you so much David, you're always so kind and generous with your words. And I always appreciate them :) See you at Alesso right??!