OFF WE GO / Tips for comfy dressing on long plane rides

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I am a bubble of excitement as Shane and I are en route to Rome!  Unfortunately there lies about fourteen hours of airtime keeping us from our destination but I'll be using that time to read my guides, listen to some Rick Steves, watch some movies on the plane, and of course do some blogging.
louis vuitton lv luggage pegase carryon
lv pegase carryon size luggage
By the time I had to get ready to leave the door to make our flight, I realized I should've asked for some outfit tips on what to wear.  I have only taken one other internationally flight and that was almost a decade ago so I could've used some brushing up.  However I just went my instinct and wanted to share my three tips for dressing for long plane rides:
  1. Wear a few layers that can be shed and stored easily.  You want to dress for the weather at your destination, be comfortable while you're waiting at the airport, and stay warm on the plane when you're high up in the air.  The airline may provide a blanket at your request but in case they don't, I like to bring a big scarf that can function as a blanket or a pillow.
  2. Stretchy items are a must!  There is nothing worse than feeling constrained by your clothing when you are stuck on a plane.  For my bottom layer I prefer to wear shift dresses with tights, maxi dresses, or leggings/jeggings and a basic tee.  Then pile on the cardis, jackets, coats.
  3. Dress to be presentable at your destination.  Or you could pack an outfit in your carryon and change on the plane.  In case the unimaginable (but common) happens and the airline loses your luggage, you want to make sure that you have an outfit you can wear at your destination.  For me since we are landing real early in Rome and can't check into the hotel until the afternoon I didn't want to waste any time getting ready to explore.  It's off the plane and off to see Rome!
What are your requirements for long flights?  I also make sure to pack lots of snacks in my carryon so that I am both comfy and not hungry =P
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how to dress airport airplane ride
Vince draped cardigan (similar options here under $60 and here under $71) / Splendid tee
Citizens of Humanity 'Avedon' in Axi / Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots (more sizes here, here, and here) / 
Louis Vuitton Pegase 60 (size discontinued, replaced by 55) luggage and Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

I hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend!  There was so many events going on the week before our trip that our holiday snuck up on us.  We celebrated two birthdays, our anniversary, and had the honors of celebrating the wedding of Carrin and Oliver.  Lots of joyful occasions!  Take care all!


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    1. Ciao from Roma Sharbear! Loved your latest art piece =D Thank you from Shane and I, love you!

  2. Have fun Jenny!!! So excited for you! I hope you were able to get a pair of tieks before you left for your trip. :]

    1. Ah I didn't get a pair of tieks for this trip but def needed for next one especially after reading your stellar review. What color are you thinking of next? I wonder if the soles are enough to withstand those European cobblestone streets... hey only one way to find out =P