ANCIENT GLORY / Exploring the ruins of Ostia Antica in grid pattern and flats

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After the stunning beauty of St. Peter's Basilica, Shane and I explored the historical harbor city of ancient Rome, Ostia Antica.  This was one of my favorite sites to see because it wasn't packed with people; there were times where it felt like we were the only two people exploring and this really gave us the chance to imagine how life in Ancient Rome was like.  My most memorable part of Ostia Antica is sitting in The Roman Theatre built in 12BC and through Rick Steves, I learned that it is still used today!
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As I was researching for our trip to Rome I kept reading about stealthy pickpocketers and was worried about what bag I should take, whether we should buy those neck wallets, how to store our money and passports, etc.  A couple requirements that I made sure to checkoff as I was debating on the bag is that 1) It has to have a zippered top - no open top, 2) Be composed of a sturdy material that would be hard to cut, and 3) Absolutely must be crossbody!  In crowded places such as the colosseum and on the metro/bus/train I sling my bag in front of me and in the rare case that I have the bag to my side or my back, the zippered top would be a deterrence and the sturdy material would make it hard to slice open.  I am knocking very hard on wood but so far we've been ok and these tips have helped me tremendously.
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Theory 'Mariya' top (black on sale here and more grid pattern here and here) / AG jeans (old but similar) / 
Cole Haan Air Addison / 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target mini gusset bag (inspired by the original mini Pashli, on sale here)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of good food, great company, and a lifetime of memories.  It is already the end of Monday here in Rome and Shane and I are about to head out to one of our last dinners here as our trip is nearing its end.

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