FALL BREAKS / Open-toed shoes with tights in a barrage of Autumn colors

colored stockings tights outfit winter trends
Happy Monday!  I am one to break fashion rules (like wearing brown with black and white after Labor Day) and here's another one to check off the list, wearing open-toed shoes with tights/stockings.  I usually dive in head first with fashion experiments but with this one I was a bit apprehensive because when I pictured it in my head it just didn't work like the others.  However I have opened the flood gates because I love the look and love that I can wear my spring/summer footwear in winter!  I'm going to be more experimental in the future and see what boundaries I can push with this rule, maybe venture into sandals and/or contrast.  If there's any standout open-toed with tights/stockings combinations you've seen please share as I would love to see so I can draw some inspirations =D
gucci python tote bag running
knitwear winter navy sweater weather
marc by mj skirt tulip style
skirt with stockings tights winter 2013 trend
open toe shoes with tights
fall winter outfit trend idea 2013
Marc by MJ sweater (old; last worn here) / Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt (more sizes here and skort style on sale here) /
Gucci python running tote (from f/w '10 collection but similar olive totes here and here)
Spanx tights (wine-colored options under $20 here, here, and here for $9!) / 
Alejandro Ingelmo Origami heels (worn here, here, here and here w/o tights)

If you're in CA, did you manage to stay warm and toasty this weekend?  I can't believe how chilly it got this past week and I heard there's suppose to be another cold front coming.  I've prepared myself and left an extra fleece at work and pulled out my winter coats but I bet this cold is nothing compared to what our neighbors up north (Canada) and to the east is experiencing so stay warm!  Take care and have a great week!


  1. love this. your shoes are amazing and that sweater is adorable! i especially like the detail of the sweater :] i'm having such a difficult time outfit planning for below 20 degree weather that I will endure in Chicago in January :[ any suggestions? maybe a post of ideas? seems like an appropriate time for a cold weather post since it's been particularly chilly here lately.

    1. Thanks Shirley!

      Is Chicago a celebration trip?! Because if I am counting the time correctly, you will be done by then right? Below 20, ouch! I'm thinking lots of layers, the same amount of layers that a doting mother would put on their child when the child goes to play in the snow for the very first time. Thermal on the very bottom, silk next, cashmere on top of that, a blazer, a wool coat, and then a scarf - is that enough layers? Haha. I will try to take advantage of this cold weather (though it is nothing compared to what you will be experiencing!!) and bundle up nice and tight for the next few entries but I am sure my bundling is the very minimum needed for the real Winters. Stay warm and HAVE FUN!

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