SUNFLOWER / Bow tie sweater with yellow pants and green PS1

My sister recently started a lifestyle/personal blog and her blog title subconsciously inspired this outfit. I was thinking about what would go with my new green love and as the pieces came together I realized the outfit was the color of a sunflower.  Shane will also be the first to point out that green and yellow are the colors of the Oakland A's and being a huge Giants fan I know he already dislikes this outfit.  Boys!


I'VE GOT THE BLUES (and purples) / Chambray polka dot and winter wool

winter outfit chambray idea
I hope youre having a good weekend!  I think this should be the last of purple/blue outfits for awhile.  It wasn't until I put on this skirt that I was like "wait a minute, this combo is oddly familiar" and oddly familiar it is seeing as it has been my combo since the start of the year, haha.  I am off to enjoy the night and I hope you are as well, take care and have a lovely day!


PLEATED LAYERS / Turtleneck layering to turn a spring/summer dress into a winter one

pleated skirt dress winter outfits idea
Good morning!  A little DIY and fashion inspiration on the blog today.  I was casually browsing the After Xmas sales and stumbled upon this gorgeous Milly dress and couldn't take my eyes off it.  I found myself leaving the window open just so I can click back every couple minutes to gaze lovingly at the dress.  It continued to haunt me through the weeks as it would show up under the "Customers also viewed" frame to the right and like the first time I would click and stare longingly.  Sometimes I want an instant gratification and this was one of those so I thought of pieces in my closet that I could combine that would create a similar look and this is what I came up with.  It isn't the same (or even close) but it will do.


CHEERS TO 2014 / Keeping tradition with jeans and silk for my comfort outfit

denim and flats idea pictures
Happy happy new year!  I hope your 2014 has kicked off to a good start and will only continue to get better =D.  How long does it take you to get use to writing the new year?  Yesterday I caught myself, on several occasions, jotting down "1/3/13" and then a few minutes later I'll be like "wait a minute..." and end up crossing "13" out.  It was easy last year because I could just add an extra dash at the bottom of the 2 to turn it into a 3 but there's no simple modification this year, I will just have to accept proudly that I am forgetful.