WEEKENDER / Equipment sweater, Ugg boots, and a duffle for a weekend trip

leopard sweater ugg boots winter outfit
A few weekends ago we had a huge cousins-and-significant-others Tahoe trip where we rented a vacation home and the 15 of us spent the weekend enjoying ourselves.  Unfortunately it rained all weekend so the little ones didn't get to go snowboarding but the adults did have a good time over Monopoly, craps, other board games, and good home cooking.  Monopoly is such a classic game; ever since I was a kid I remember playing some version of monopoly and it was always, always, very competitive no matter who I play with.  It was no different that weekend - things got real heated and there was lots of yelling, deceiving, and bankrupting, but despite all that we still had a good time.

Since I was anticipating snow in Tahoe I prepped these boots for the weather condition and sprayed them with two coats of rain and stain repellent the night before.  It was my first time using the repellent and I didn't feel that I needed to do a test run because I've used the the leather care lotion on my purses for over a decade and have nothing but high praises about the brand.  However as we were running through puddles on Saturday and Sunday and rain spots showed up on the suede I couldn't help but worry that it would be damaging.  I worried for nothing though because in 24 hours the spots were gone and it was as if the boots never went through rain!  Now I might go a little spray crazy and make sure all my shoes and accessories are rain repellent, haha.
equipment cashmere sweaters review pictures


ROMANCE / Pink lace-back dress and black midi skirt with touches of love and silver

romantic flirty pink black outfit midi full skirt
My virtual Valentine's card was a prelude to this outfit as Valentine's day is one of the few occasions I get to use this bag.  And even though the cost-per-use of this whimsical bag is quite high I cannot bear to let her go because this is one of those items that I imagine I will be giving to my future little girl and the smile on her face when she receives this is enough for me to keep the bag.  Rufus on the other hand could care less about the bag!
chanel classic flap valentine heart chain 2005 limited edition


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY / A greeting from me to you with a little Chanel love

The day is almost over but I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love, sweetness, and warmth!  Whether you celebrated it with a significant other, loved ones, friends or family, you deserve all the happiness in the world.  Thank you so very much for your time in reading/looking at my blog and from me to you I am wishing you a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


YEAR OF THE HORSE / Lunar New Year in denim and tweed

business casual winter layering outfit
Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate!  May happiness, health, and prosperity and exciting adventures gallop into you and your family's life for the year 4712, year of the mighty horse!

I decided that for the Lunar New Year I should follow the tradition I have for the new year day of the Gregorian calendar and that is to start off wearing jeans.  However I realized that maybe I should have worn a red outfit, as I did last year, seeing as that color is associated with luck and prosperity.  An interesting tidbit is that the red and gold decorations that are put up for the new year is not to bring good fortune but actually serves as a means of protection against "Nian", a legendary monster who is said to hunt people (legend has it that the monster is fearful of the color red).  Since the Lunar New Year celebrations last for 15 days I have until February 14th to don a lucky outfit (or a few).