VERONA STROLLING / Silk dress with Nike running shoes to explore

nike roshe run hot pink black
My sister and I made it safely to Italy!  Currently we are at the third city stop, Venice, of our Italy vacation (if the few hours in Milan counts) but before we got here we spent a little over a day exploring Verona.  Learning from my last vacation in Italy (previous entries 1, 2, 3, 4) I opted for comfort and went with a pair of running shoes for the 10+ miles of walking we did!  I must say that it feels great to actually feel my feet at the end of the day.  However that is more than I can say about my knees because lugging around an almost 40lb luggage up stairs for our room and onto the train resulted in more than enough bruises which you will see in later pictures I am sure.  Ouch.
dress and running shoes sneakers outfit idea
jean jacket silk dress casual outfit trend
sneakers with silk dress trend idea
DKNY jean jacket (old; similar options here, here, and here) / Amanda Uprichard Halley dress (diff silhouette) / 
Talbots necklace / BCBG zipper peplum belt (alternative options here, here, and here)
Celine nano luggage bag / Nike Roshe Run

Pain aside we really enjoyed everything that the quaint city of Verona has to offer, from the unique attractions and sights to the charming allure of the people.  If you are interested, I would love to share some pictures we took during our time in Verona =)  I will leave those under the cut since there are a lot of pictures.  Also if you have any suggestions for Venice, Bologna, Florence, and Rome, I am ready to take them!


  1. Augh are you in Italy right now?? I ask for all the pictures you can share! Also of food if you can :) I will have to pick your brains when you get back. I hope you're enjoying gelato and pizza and wonderful pastas!

  2. Oh I was so excited I didn't even think of suggestions but I loved the Boboli Gardens in Florence and the Roman Forum in Rome.