EMBELLISHED / Neon beaded shift dress and bright blue accessories

tibi shift dress silhouette how to 
From the bottom of our hearts thank you all so very much for the congratulatory wishes!  Shane and I are so excited to embark on this new chapter of our lives and I can't wait to share some of the planning process.  We've begun venue shopping but that is as far as we have gone however once we finalize that then we can really start planning.

I posted a sneak peek of this dress when I shared our happy picture on Instagram and here is the dress in all its glory.  I wore this for our little engagement shindig with Shane's family and the morning of the brunch my cousin Fiona helped me pick the bright blue sandals to go with the dress.  The bright colors and floral pattern of the purse made this the perfect outfit for the occasion - very happy and springy.
embellished beaded neck shift dress
tibi shift dress spring summer outfit
target designer collaborations jason wu handbag bag
prabal gurung ankle strap sandals manolo YSL heels
spring summer dresses shape style trends
Tibi dress (old; similar alternatives available in black w/ embellishments and in khaki and chambray without the beaded neck) / 
Jason Wu for Target bag (old; similar style in simple b/w with floral studs or this serene floral watercolor)  / 
Prabal Gurung for Target heels (very close alternative in both style and color here and similar in blue suede at 30% off)

I didn't notice it until I was reviewing pictures but if you look closely it looks like I have little yellow barnacles all over my neckline, especially evident in the detail shot, haha.  It's a beautiful dress none-the-less and very easy, breezy for the warm weather.  I hope you have a great hump day!  Take care and enjoy your week!


WE'RE ENGAGED! / Sharing our proposal story and the engagement outfit

Hi!  Sharing some very special and happy news today...  Shane and I are engaged!  I am so ecstatic to share our proposal story on this blog because Shane incorporated my blog (which is practically my baby) into his big surprise plan and that alone already means so much to me.  Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as 1, 2, 3 for Shane as he prepared months in advance for the big day and he had to overcome several bumps along the way but I will let him share those stories since I get the pleasure of sharing his successful proposal =D.

Before I share the story, this is the outfit I wore on the day of the proposal.  Shane told to wear something "blog worthy" so that he can take my pictures for the blog and my red flag should have gone up for that because he rarely offers to take my pictures!  It's a good thing I listened to him because if it were up to me I probably would have hung out with him in jeans and a sweatshirt since I was just getting over a nasty cold/flu and those pictures surely would not have been blog worthy.
ruffled collar ps1 tiny bag
BCBGeneration dress (old; similar here and same style in a gorgy blue) /
Talbots necklace / Talbots belt (this one is a beautiful alternative) /
Talbots gladiator wedges (similar options under $65 herehere, and under $30 here) /
Proenza Schouler PS1 Tiny Crossbody (if you're in US, save a few dollars and get it tax-free here)


ROMANTIC SPRING NEUTRALS / Blush bow top, ivory crochet skirt, and nude pumps

neutral spring colors ivory blush nude patent pumps
Hi! It is a touch after 4am and I have to be up in a little under 4 hours, oh boy, it is going to be a long day.  Going to keep this short so I can hopefully get some shuteye but I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
joie eleanor silk blouse top bow bows shirt


BURNOUT / Black and white palette with attention to details

black white outfit simple classic look
Hi!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your moms and if you are a mum I hope you got to enjoy a loving weekend from your babes.  I had a good weekend catching up with my BFF Danielle and her boyfriend over burgers and fries on Saturday and then spent Sunday with my family celebrating main moms in our life - my mom, my grandma, my auntie, and my cousin Elisa.  Perfect weekend :)

Did you notice something different in today's pictures?  It's the glasses and I have a funny story to share regarding the change in frames.  So on the last (full) day of our Italy vacation I woke up to find that one side of my old frames had snapped and the lens popped out so as a result I yelped my sister's name because I assume she knocked it over when she grabbed the power adapter from my side.  She didn't (according to her...) so the metal must have just gotten rusty and gave in.  Well I did not have a spare pair on hand and being blind as a bat I had to make due with what I had so I rubber banded the frame to hold the lens while sis and I ran to the supermarket to buy superglue.  And of course being my clumsy self I got the superglue all over my hands before I got it on the frame to hold it together.  Eventually, after sitting on the train to Milan with rubber band across one of my lens, we got it to hold though and I survived about a month with superglued glasses.  Well two weekends ago I dropped my glasses on the carpet as I was getting ready and the frame popped apart again!  "Seeing" (ha.ha.ha.) that I was at home and was in a rush out the door I had no choice but to use my spares and these are it.  I'm not big on change so these will take me awhile to get use to and I am already on the hunt for frames that are similar to my old pair, no dice so far.


KALEIDOSCOPE / Printed blue and pink flare dress with a little edginess

leather jacket edgy dress pairing outfit idea trend
Photography by Ed Tran Phtoography (Facebook | Instagram)

Hi!  Did you have a good weekend?  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  My weekend was as colorful as the dress in this blog post - it was a beautiful weekend filled with unforgettable memories and of course good food.  My cousin Fiona flew in on Saturday and we spent most of that evening hanging out with family and then finished up the night doing girly stuff like painting our nails.  And Sunday Shane and I celebrated a special occasion with his family at Navio where I stuffed myself silly with caviar, lots and lots of caviar.
louis vuitton makeup bag clutch mini lin pink