BURNOUT / Black and white palette with attention to details

black white outfit simple classic look
Hi!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your moms and if you are a mum I hope you got to enjoy a loving weekend from your babes.  I had a good weekend catching up with my BFF Danielle and her boyfriend over burgers and fries on Saturday and then spent Sunday with my family celebrating main moms in our life - my mom, my grandma, my auntie, and my cousin Elisa.  Perfect weekend :)

Did you notice something different in today's pictures?  It's the glasses and I have a funny story to share regarding the change in frames.  So on the last (full) day of our Italy vacation I woke up to find that one side of my old frames had snapped and the lens popped out so as a result I yelped my sister's name because I assume she knocked it over when she grabbed the power adapter from my side.  She didn't (according to her...) so the metal must have just gotten rusty and gave in.  Well I did not have a spare pair on hand and being blind as a bat I had to make due with what I had so I rubber banded the frame to hold the lens while sis and I ran to the supermarket to buy superglue.  And of course being my clumsy self I got the superglue all over my hands before I got it on the frame to hold it together.  Eventually, after sitting on the train to Milan with rubber band across one of my lens, we got it to hold though and I survived about a month with superglued glasses.  Well two weekends ago I dropped my glasses on the carpet as I was getting ready and the frame popped apart again!  "Seeing" (ha.ha.ha.) that I was at home and was in a rush out the door I had no choice but to use my spares and these are it.  I'm not big on change so these will take me awhile to get use to and I am already on the hunt for frames that are similar to my old pair, no dice so far.
chanel cambon line designer bowler bag
rebecca taylor burnout top blouse
blouse high low hemline hem shirt outfit
Rebecca Taylor Zebra top (also love it in this style and a cute tshirt alternative for under $15) / 
Paige 'Lucia' Leather Tuxedo Pants (on sale for < $81! more sizes available here) /
Christian Louboutin Decollette patent pumps / Chanel Cambon bowler (more pictures in this entry)

Thanks for letting me share that silly story.  I hope you have a lovely day!

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