It is always a pleasure interacting with others through all the social networking sites out there so please feel free to "connect" with me through any one of the below.

Follow my blog and many other wonderful blogs with bloglovin'.  Bloglovin' consolidates all your favorite blogs in one place and makes it easy for you to read entries from your favorite bloggers.

Tweet with me at twitter.  Together we can have snippets of conversation as I share my random "under 140 characters" thoughts and read your's.  If you have a quick question, twitter would be the best place to reach me at.

Instagram builds on the adage that "A picture is worth a thousand words".  Sometimes life is as easy as taking out your phone, pressing a button, and sharing your view through a picture.  I am a visual person so I love taking pictures and sharing them on instagram!

Pinterest is a big virtual corkboard.  I can spend hours pinning everything inspirational I find on the web and then more hours categorizing it all.

I am active on all the above social networks and am looking into joining more social media sites in the future.  Check back to see if there's other ways you and I can connect :)

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  1. Hi! How do I follow your blog? Can I enter my email anywhere? I don't have any of the above ;)